In the last issue of Change Links, we ran a piece about the issues facing Pacifica, partly in response to an opinion piece in the L.A. Progressive in which the writer had announced his decision to withdraw his funds and pledges from Pacifica. Michael Novick, author of the Change Links piece, understood that to mean the writer, and by implication the L.A. Progressive, were urging people to do the same. The writer of the original piece and the editor and publisher of the L.A. Progressive deny having any such intent.

Sharon Kyle also took objection to Novick’s characterization of her as “wedded to the Democratic Party”, saying that she has publicly distanced herself, and that the naming of her and Dick Price as “man and woman of the year” by local Democrats took place a decade or more ago. Novick has apologized for and agreed to retract  and correct the false characterization. Apologies to all concerned.

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