Community Services:

Activist Security Training: Ruckus Society security team for internet & other issues activists face.

Anarchist Publications: Black Flag (Free Association of Anarchists- F@@): < >, click on projects/black flag.

Bartering Groups: Goods & services w/o cash; trade w/o banks or a money system. Local
community based finance groups: <>. Click on Membership then Membership
Directory. Search for “los angeles.”

Car-Free Living: Auto-Free Orange County: <>. Car-Free Santa Barbara:
<>. <>. Also, a worldwide network of car-free
resources: <>. And we’d like to know about local sites for other regions in SoCal.

COINTELPRO Files Online: The FBI recently uploaded a significant number of files on
COINTELPRO. Includes the New Left rdered by geography rather than just chronology (unlike
the(presumably forthcoming) Black Nationalism files. <>.

Cynthia McKinney seeks promo speaking engagements for the book she edited, “The Illegal War
on Libya.” <>. <>.

Debt Resisters operations manual: <>.

Farmers Markets maps of SoCal. <>. <>,
click on “menu,” search for “ultimate farmers market guide.”

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act. How to use the Act: <>, look for link under “FOIA
Services.” Get a deceased persons file: <>.

Free Fruit treasure map for everywhere. Map locations you know about; visit places others have
posted. Potentially a *worldwide* resource. <>.

Homeless Resources:

Peoples Guide. How to get food, money, housing, health care & other help from govt programs
and community services in LA County. Online or order printed copies. Hunger Action LA
(HALA). <>. 213.388.8228. 2015 English language version online at
<>. (Spanish language version anticipated by 2015-04-15.)

Street Lawyer: a WIKI to End and Prevent Homelessness: <>.

Westside Live Food Calendar: <>, click on “iEat.” Or go to <>,
search for “food programs in west hollywood” then find the document in the list (document dated

“Los Angeles Homeless Resource Wiki,” <> (try clicking on the logo on the upper
left to access content). And many other online local resources can be found by searching for “los
angeles homeless resources” (change the locale if necessary).

iEat: Santa Monica/Venice Food Programs. Westside LIVE Food Calendar.
<>, click on “iEat;” current calendar is at bottom.

LA Intentional Community Networking: Many alternative housing options.

LGBT Centers/Resources:

LA Co: LA Gay & Lesbian Ctr, The Village @ Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 N McCadden Pl, LA,
323.860.7300, 323.860.7302, <>. LA Gay & Lesbian Ctr, 1625 N. Schrader Blvd,
LA, 323.993.7500, 323.993.7400, <>. Jeff Griffith Youth Ctr, 7501 Santa Monica
Blvd, LA, 323.993.7501. Gay & Lesbian Comm Ctr of Greater Long Beach, 2017 E 4th St, LB,
562.434.4455<>. South Bay Gay & Lesbian Ctr, 16610 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance,
310.328.6550, <>.

Orange Co: The Center OC, 1605 N Spurgeon St, Santa Ana, 714.953.LGBT(5428),
<>. Shanti OC, 23001 Del Lago Dr, Ste B-1, Laguna Hills, 949.452.0888,
<>. San Diego Co: SD LGBT Comm Ctr, 3909 Centre St, SD, 619.692.2077,

Inland Empire: Palm Springsñ Desert AIDS Project, 760.323.2118, <>.
LGBT Community Ctr, 611 S. Palm Canyon Dr, Ste 201, Palm Springs, 760.416.7790,
<>. <>.

Central Coast: Pacific Pride Foundation, 126 E Haley St, Ste A-11, Santa Barbara,
805.963.3636.x103; 819 W Church St, Santa Maria, 805.349.9947, <>.
Gay & Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast, San Luis Obispo County, <>.

NoCal: Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Ctr, 1927 L St, Sacramento, 916.442.0185, <>.
SF LGBT Ctr, 1800 Market St, SF, 415.865.5555, <>. Diversity Center of Santa
Cruz, 1117 Soquel Ave, SC, 831.425.5422, <>.

Statewide: CA Pride Festivals, <>.

National: PFLAG National, 202.467.8180, <>.

Local Government Meetings: <> has links to lists of OC city council & school board
meetings (Americans United for Separation of Church & State).

Market Match Program helps boost buying power for seniors & low income families at many
SoCal farmers’ markets. CalFresh, WIC and SSI participants get $5-10 weekly to spend at the
market. <>, see “market match” at top of website.

Radical Guide to LA: From the 2011 Anarchist Bookfair. Places to eat, drink, visit, radical
history, places to stay, links to radical organizations, etc. <>, click on “guide.”

Recycle for Peace needs sculpture, jewelry, rugs, paintings, art books, toys & games, prints,
silver, linens, special fabrics, pottery & dishes, small furniture, household items, &c. We provide
Estate Disposal Assistance. Tax Deductible. The Closet Liberal, benefitting Office of the
Americas Peace & Justice struggle. 323.295.2306.

Search & Seizure Law: <>, click on the “Case Documents” tab & look for “Search and

Unemployed Resources/Jobs:

CHIRLA: Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in LA. <>, click on “Internships and

High Country News: Job Board. NGOs, green companies, etc. <>, click on Classified
Listings (at the bottom of their webpage) then on Employment. Worldwide database of Nonprofit and Government Agency jobs. This looks like a
very useful resource. <>, click on “Jobs.”

IRC: (International Rescue Committee.) <>, click on “How You Can Help/Work With
Us” then on “Search Jobs and Apply.” International & US locations including LA & San Diego.

LAANE: (LA Alliance for a New Economy.) <>, click on “About Us”/ “Jobs.”

Sustainable Living & Farming Jobs & other “short term job opportunities.” <>.

LA Indymedia article w/resources for those struggling in our economy:

Urban Pigeons: A couple of compassionate animal volunteers are needed to join me help and
preserve the lives of some flocks of street pigeons almost at the point of extinction in the area of
Van Nuys. <>, <>, <>.

Women’s Non-Violence Centers: <>, then “Help for Victims,” then “How To
Start an Independent Advocacy Center to End Violence Against Women … and Why.” Also other
info helping women help themselves. Centros del Non-Violence de las Mujeres:
<>, entonces “Ayuda para Victemas,” entonces “CÛmo iniciar un centro
independiente de defensa para poner fin a la violencia contra las mujeres … y por quÈ.” El website
tambiÈn tiene otra informaciÛn sobre cÛmo las mujeres pueden ayudarse.

Military & Draft:

Anti-Draft Website shatters the myths surrounding the selective service system and helps build
mass CD to stop the draft before it gets started. This site has not been recently updated but it still
hosts useful information. <>. <>.

Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (COMD). San Diego based. 760.753.7518.
<>. <>.

Conscientious Objectors: Linking up with one of the following groups is the first step
recommended for obtaining CO status: Center on Conscience & War (CCW)
<>, Courage to Resist (CTR) <> or GI Rights Hotline

Counter Recruitment (CR): National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY).
Retains resources & pamphlets and a list of organizations involved in CR work on their website.
Check out their “Alternatives to the Military” (it’s on the left side of the page) that lists job
resources for those who feel that the military is their only option. <>. Resources for
Educators to Stop the War: <>, click on “Counter-Recruitment.”
Project YANO (Youth and Non-military Opportunities), <>. CR/Spanish/en
EspaÒiol: Web site en espaÒol contra el reclutamiento por el servicio militar. (Counter-
Recruitment Website in Spanish.) El Proyecto YANO tiene el placer de invitarlos a visitar nuestra
nueva p·gina electrÛnica. <>.

GI Rights: Hotlines: 800.3949544, 877.447. 4487. Email them for sample info cards & stickers
with a price list: <>. <>.

OC Recruitment Awareness Project (OC RAP): The Project is in urgent need of additional new
volunteers to keep our important work going. 949.492.0571. <>. <oc->. (This website may be down.)

Opt-Out: The Pentagon, in violation of the Privacy Act, has compiled & uses a mega-database of
private information on 30 million 16-25-year-olds. Even if you have opted your child out of the
lists public schools turn over to local military recruiters, you or your child must also contact the
Pentagon directly to get off this new national military recruiting list. Leave My Child Alone.

Progressive GI Newspaper: “GI Special” Occupation News Bulletin. Thomas Barton compiled
this comprehensive compilation of news about our governments immoral war without end. Back
issues only: archives from 2003-2008. <>.

PTSD Resources: The Wounded Warrior Call-Center: 877.487.6299, a hotline for injured,
wounded or ill former and current Marines, Sailors & their family members. National Suicide
Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.TALK (8255). SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education):
<>. Vets 4 Vets: 520.319.5500, <>, a peer support group for recent vets.
National Veterans Foundation: 888.777.4443, <>. Defense Centers of Excellence for
Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injuries (DCoE): <>,
<>. Licensed mental health professionals who offer free psychological
treatment to military service members who have served or who expect to serve in the conflicts in
Iraq or Afghanistan: <>. We do not vouch for any of these being
*progressive* resources.

Recruiter Abuse Hotline: 877.688.6881. <>, search for “Military Recruiter Abuse

Resisters Website: <>.

Underground War Resisters: House a soldier/resister on the way to Canada. The War Resisters
Support Campaign has been inundated with requests considering emigration. 416.598.1222,
647.393.3096. <>.

Police & Migrant Issues:

Checkpoint Response: Report checkpoints from local news or your observations or receive text
alerts: <>. Also see: <>.

CopWatch: Useful for people who have been brutalized, harassed, or had family members
murdered by the police. 877.4LA1992, 877.8NO.COPS. Look on their website for a police
activity and ICE raids mobile phone alert service. Report a Cop and Copwatch LA Radio online;
also text alerts. Many other features. <>. <>,
<>. Also RTF National Mobile Cop Watch Network, info:

DREAMers Support Fund: Help eligible young migrants offset the fees in their requests for
Deferred Action. <>, search for “fund for dreamers”.

Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook: Provided by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the
National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG). <>.

Police Brutality: CopWatch LA: see above. October 22 Coalition LA, <>
or NY Central office at <> and ask for a referral to Oct 22 LA.
CAHRO (California Association of Human Relations Organizations), 320 West Temple St.,
#1184, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 213.974.7601, <>. LA County Human Relations
Commission, 213.737.7463. Idris Stelley Foundation (ISF, SF Bay area) 24 HR Bilingual Crisis
line at 415.595.8251 for referrals, <>,

Slavery & Trafficking: Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), 5042 Wilshire Blvd.,
#586, LA CA 90036. 213.365.1906. <>.

SoCal Immigration Coalition: over 30 organizations covering labor, students, teachers,
community-based organization working with immigrants rights, &c. Denouncing ICE raids &
demanding FULL legalization. 323.602.3480. <>,

Surveillance Self Defense: Electronic Freedom Foundation. <>.

Undocumented Students: Student Rights: <>, click on education, public policy then
AB540. Scholarships: Association of Raza Educators (ARE) sponsors a continuing project
(donations & applications, <>, click on “scholarship donate.”

Political Action:

Activist Letter Writing: A national cooperative letter-writing service. Use letters prepared by the
collective or propose letters, volunteer to help write, edit, proofread or handle computer
problems, etc. Free and voluntary participation, non-tax deductible donations accepted.

Urgent Action Network: Members call, fax, write or email others for emergency political actions.
Office of the Americas, 8124 W. Third St., Ste. 202, Los Angeles, California 90048.
323.852.9808. <>. <>.


OccuPoetry: Seeking poetry about economic justice/injustice, greed, protest, activism, and
opportunity. Formal and free-verse, mail art, and collage poetry. Submissions or queries:
<submissions (at)>. <>.

OccupyWriters: Looking for first-hand accounts of writers’ experiences with the Occupy Wall
Street protests. Submit a short statement that captures the movement from a personal perspective.
Prose, poem, comic, story, vignette, anything goes. <>.
<>. Ongoing submissions. A poetry journal entirely devoted to new poetry that
tackles human rights issues worldwide. Website & email lists provide information about
persecuted writers with sample letters of protest. Email list: <write (at)> with
“SUBSCRIBE” in your subject line. <>.