Resist Police Repression of the Crenshaw Black Community

by Friends of Michael Boddie and his Supporters:

We write to you from a place of concern and commitment for Justice for Michael Boddie and all others harmed by Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) harassment, violence and abuse in the Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills, Leimert Park Community. We share the story of Michael Boddie and ask for your attention, energy, well wishes and all and any form of support you can provide for this brother.

Many of us live in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Village aka The Jungles and Michael Boddie is our neighbor. Michael is a beloved, respected and well known leader for youth on the block and the neighborhood. Michael is a loving father to 3 beautiful children, a 5, 6 and a 17 year old.

Unfortunately, like too many people that live in this neighborhood (one of the last few predominantly black working class communities in LA) Michael has a history of experiencing harassment, abuse and profiling by the Los Angeles Police Department and of being targeted.

A clear well documented example of this is an incident occurred on September 5th 2016, when Michael was stopped by LAPD while on his way to his daughter’s 6th birthday party. See Video of this incident athttpss:// (Please be advised that this video may be triggering especially to others who have experienced similar abuses). Michael has experienced harassment by LAPD at one of his places of work, a local store which hired him because the owner knew he is a well-known and reputable person in the community. Workplace harassment continued, though none of the reasons the LAPD gave for their presence ever made sense.

To add insult to injury, on March 2, 2017, Michael was one of what may be 15 people arrested during a SWAT Operated LAPD Raids. LAPD conducted this raid under the false narrative of public safety. Michael was removed from his family and friends and the community at large. Furthermore, his children were taken from their family and placed under DCFS custody.

During this raid, LAPD took away four super seniors. The eldest person was 79 years old. As we all know the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Village is rapidly undergoing gentrification and the City/LAPD is intent to kick out elders, shamans and community leaders so that they break down the very fabric of the community. We cannot allow this to happen.

Background: The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Village Leimert Park Community is among the last predominantly black working class communities in Los Angeles, and is rapidly undergoing gentrification. The City, Developers and the LAPD are working hand in hand to get big profit for those buying and selling property. They are doing this by targeting and creating an environment unsafe for current community residents to reside here. They are doing this by intensifying LAPD’s military presence and using police tactics, including gang injunctions, raids, to remove elders, shamans, and community leaders from their neighborhoods. This is to break down community resistance. This goes hand in hand with the use of light rail through Crenshaw and Inglewood, as it has elsewhere, to anchor high-priced developments that raise rents and drive residents out.


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