Report back From US Delegations To Cuba:

May Day, Trade Union & Solidarity Conferences

With a population of 11 million, Cuba, 90 miles from the US, exists as an independent, sovereign and peaceful nation. Cuba exports doctors, not weapons or bombs. Yet it has been the victim of Washington’s bipartisan economic, military and political war for over 60 years. Since the 1959 overthrow of the US-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista, by the revolution led by Fidel Castro, the US government has conducted an extraterritorial economic, trade and financial war – the blockade – against Cuba.  The daily cost of this brutal policy is estimated to cost Cuba $15 million a day! Cumulatively, since Cuba’s 1959 revolution, it has been over $144 billion!

Along with the criminal blockade, Biden maintains 243 additional sanctions imposed by Trump. Most egregiously, Biden has kept Cuba on the US State Department’s duplicitous “State Sponsors of Terrorism” (SSOT) list.  Cuba has never participated in acts of terrorism. Quite the opposite! Cuba aided South Africa and other southern African countries in their fight against apartheid and colonialism. In fact, since 1959 over 3500 Cuban civilians have been killed in terrorist attacks, often planned from US territories and by forces trained by US government agencies.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the assaults against the Cuban people — far from being ended – increased. This intensification cost of many more lives lost due to Cuba’s inability to purchase raw materials for producing medications. The Cuban people are suffering, because on top of the decades of the US offensive against them, their condition has been worsened by the pandemic, climate change, and the effects of the worldwide economic crisis.

The report back will take place at KIWA. 1053 S. New Hampshire Ave. LA  90006,  on June 17, at 2 PM

Take Cuba off the State Sponsors of Terrorism List! Join us to educate and mobilize people to oppose the US criminal policies against our Cuban neighbors, open up unrestricted travel between the two countries, and get the US government off Cuba’s back once and for all!

Initial Speakers:

Charlotte Williams- Building Relations with Cuban Labor

Noemi Gil- Charles Drew Public Health study in Cuba

Jordan David- Lavender Guard

Tee Maloney-Black Alliance for Peace

Representative of KIWA (Korean Immigrant Workers Alliance)

Iña Morton, GABRIELA Los Ángeles and BAYAN

Representative of CODEPINK

Alex, Nodutdol (Korean organization)

Representative of LA Hands-Off Cuba Committee, and others

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