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Tuesday 5/14/24, 9:00pm Pacific –
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On the 76th anniversary of the ongoing Palestinian Nakbah and resistance to Israeli apartheid and occupation, Radio Free Palestine will launch at Midnight Eastern time on dozens of stations across North America to air 24 hours of programming from radio stations and producers across 5 continents, hosted by our Pacifica sister station WPFW.

There will be separate streams in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Live on KPFK 90.7 FM,

Our overnight and all-day presentation will be in English, and will include discussions, speeches, music, poetry, news updates, and the voices of students currently or previously participating in encampments. That’s Radio Free Palestine beginning live here on KPFK at 9:00 PM Tuesday May 14 (midnight Wednesday on the east coast).  This is radio for resistance and solidarity! Tune in and spread the word.

 SoCal Graduation Shut it Down Action happening May 12th at 3:30pm. After Pomona College Spends $100,000’s Moving Commencement to Shrine Auditorium near USC, Students across Southern California Mobilize to Disrupt Graduation for Divestment. In collaboration with PYM, NSJP, SoCal SJP, PYM LAOCIE, UCLA, USC, Occidental, and CalState LA and so many more, students are united in their fight for justice, demand for divestment, and call for Palestinian Liberation.

Additional photos, footage, or interviews are available upon request.



  1. Hundreds of students, faculty, and community from SoCal Universities to disrupt Pomona College Commencement at USC Shrine Auditorium

  2. Hear testimonies from arrested students and faculty

SUNDAY, MAY 12, 3:30pm – Hundreds of students, faculty, and community members from universities across Southern California are set to converge at the USC Shrine Auditorium to call for divestment from israel on Sunday, May 12.. This demonstration targets Pomona College’s commencement ceremony, highlighting the institution’s refusal to meet student demands despite student and faculty votes in favor of divestment

This demonstration is the latest escalation in a wave of student activism sweeping SoCal universities. Students are targeting the Pomona College graduation in response to months of collaboration between Southern California University administrators aimed at repressing student protests. Over the past three months, hundreds of students in Southern California have been arrested at university campuses (Pomona College, USC, and UCLA) for pro-Palestine activism. In Southern California, Pomona College was the first to militarize their campus in the recent wave of mass arrests, while nearly 100 students were arrested at USC just this month.

Pomona College’s refusal to meet student demands, despite both a student and faculty vote in favor of divestment, mirrors the spineless behavior and repressive tactics of other universities around Southern California. In response to student encampments, numerous universities have canceled or moved commencements, spending 100s of 1,000s in an attempt to nullify the impacts of the encampments instead of responding to popular demands for divestment. Pomona College’s decision to relocate its commencement to the USC Shrine Auditorium is a direct result of the ongoing student encampment at Marston Quad. This encampment, organized by Pomona Divest from Apartheid (PDfA), has cost the college an estimated $3 million. Students have successfully withheld sound equipment, built  protective barriers around the encampment, and forced the Pomona administration to seek refuge in Los Angeles who hope to escape the growing pressure.

USC, similarly, recently canceled its main graduation ceremony for over 65,000 students in response to the student-led “Gaza Solidarity Occupation,” organized by the USC Divest from Death Coalition. This decision came after the university, like Pomona, brutalized students at the encampment. With campus police, LAPD arrested over 90 individuals. “The power and strength of the student movement is exemplified through the universities decision to cancel their main commencement ceremony of over 65,000 students instead of confronting their imperialist and Zionist interests and meeting to discuss the demands of the Gaza Solidarity Occupation,” read a statement from the USC Gaza Solidarity Occupation organizers. “The USC Gaza Solidarity Occupation will not stop, will not rest.”

By converging at USC, student organizers aim to amplify their demands and expose the interconnected nature of their struggles, linking the fight for Palestinian liberation to broader struggles for social justice and the dismantling of oppressive systems. Their message will be impossible to ignore: complicity in the oppression of Palestinians will not be tolerated, and the fight for justice will continue to escalate.


May 12th 2024, 3:30 PM


SHRINE AUDITORIUM, 665 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007


Street Parking Available

5 Minute Walk from Jefferson/USC Station


Name: George Smith

Phone Number: ‪(747) 292-1102

Instagram: @pomonadivestapartheid


Languages: Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, English


Rally Public Announcement with PYM, NSJP, SoCal SJP, PYM LAOCIE nd PDfA

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