In a recent podcast, a figure in the “alt-right” [white supremacist] movement, Greg Johnson, publisher of the website Counter-Currents, spoke bluntly about the benefits of gaining media coverage.

“We have very little in the way of force, but our enemies have all kinds of power,” Johnson claimed. “If we can get their neurosis working for us, that can multiply the effects of our activism tremendously. I think that’s a really valuable form of asymmetrical cultural warfare.” The pasting of fliers in public places — especially college campuses — looks like a core tactic for that kind of warfare.

Since September 2016, white supremacists groups have draped college campuses with fliers at least 118 times, according to data released by the ADL. The groups advocate for a whites-only country and to bring fascism or Nazism to the US. They’ve left their propaganda at campuses ranging from Clemson University in South Carolina to the University of Minnesota to UCLA [and UC Santa Barbara]. In response, they’ve gotten coverage from local newspapers as well national outlets like CNN and the Washington Post.

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