Police Killings Of Blacks and the Racial Wealth Gap Are By Design

By Rob Macon, member KPFK Local Station Board

Is racism institutionalized in this country?  You bet it is! A lot of work needs to be done to train public servants to overcome bias in social services, police and health services, etc.  Could it be that racism is a learned behavior, like fear or insecurity?  One thing for sure, one can’t be born with racial prejudice.

It is no accident that the racial wealth gap between white and black Americans has more than tripled in the past 50 years, according to Federal Reserve data.  If this is obvious, how come things haven’t changed?  Here’s what is more shocking…a study found that a college degree really is no guarantee of improving matters. The median wealth for a black family is $236,000 less than a comparable white family.  These raw differences persist and are growing even after taking age, household structure, education level, income or occupation into account.  In some cases, it’s believed that blacks are worse off today than they were before the civil rights movement. Segregation in the schools is as bad as it was before Brown vs. Board of Education.

It’s all by design.  Just recently, a Dallas police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man in his own home.  Officer Amber Guyger claimed she thought Botham Jean was an intruder when she shot and killed him, when she was actually the intruder.  This is all too often, that blacks are unarmed, shot and killed by white police officers all across the country.  Just like the racial wealth gap and the killings of black men, all designed.  More examples  to follow about “Racism: The American Way!”…

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