The Street Vote Arcane (excerpt)

by Jack Hirschman


I’m neither an elephant

nor an ass. I love infant joy

and the happiness of socialist

dreaming. My eye sees

PARTISAN and my I says Yes.

But for that we go deeper,

we go under the ground


of any splinter in the wood

of this tunnel.

We want death out

of the eyes of the child,

out of radical mind.

We want people

to unscrew their heads,


lift out the bomb,

to a man, to a woman.

We want people,

from top to bottom,

to doff their White House

for the first time,

take off its car,


steal the steel

from under

the sickeningly

deranged gaze

of the munitionary

powers. We want

the hearts of the People


to lift off into the space

left by their throwaway

duds, and leave behind

the whodunit fixations

and foolish accusations

against their very own


Jack Hirschman is a labor activist and poet laureate emeritus of San Francisco. He is appearing this month locally at two events at Beyond Baroque in Venice. (See calendar for details).

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