Sing to Me of a World to Win (excerpt)

© 2018 by Henry Howard


I, the refugee,

wander the earth without respite

in search of a home,

ball and chain securely fixed

to my tired feet.


…From the cholera camps of Yemen

and the intifada camps of Gaza,

from the ghost city of Aleppo

to the great cities of Europe

whose streets are filled with ghosts

in search of a human home,

I, the refugee, must learn a new song

in a brave new world.


Sing to me of my rights

until my own throat can call them forth,

and with the rhythm of resistance

breaks the chains that bind me

and builds me a home in a world to win!

Henry Howard is a published peace and justice poet, an anti-racist and human rights activist, and a former adult educator. Blase Bonpane says, “Henry Howard carries on the vision of Jose Marti, with the song of resistance in a time of sociopathic governance.” This excerpt is from a newly published volume of poetry of the same name from Vagabond Press, Venice CA, ISBN 13: 978-1936293-30-8. Contact Mark Lipman, for information on ordering copies.

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