Listen To The Madmen
By Robert Wayne

To the Madmen
when the roulette wheel
of barbarian chance spins
to point their way

To the Madmen
when the terror stalks them
and they begin to pray
from prisms of haze
that we cannot see

Nobody knows where
their dreams will fly
if they ever do
and nobody knows
where their demons will arise
wherever and whenever they do

But Listen
To the Madmen
trapped in some other world
and touched by a vision
of a different grace
or damnation
than you or I

Listen to
The Madmen but
don’t enter the sphere
where doors and windows
are all open or closed
and voices may call
so strong so strong

Listen To the Madmen

Robert Wayne has been writing short stories, plays, essays, attempting novels and novellas, art texts, poetry, prose and of course, song lyrics and music for approximately 55 years. ( Given that he’s ancient, by some standards—older than the Hills—this assessment isn’t saying much, indicating and reflecting Wasted Time, too.)
He completed his first short-story MS compilation in 1991, and also compiled his first poetry volume the following year (which contained 100 pieces),neither of which have been published in their entirety, to date.) More have followed over the years.
He has been published in Illinois in regional newspapers and other publications, sometimes also including his photography. The writer-musician/artist has a BFA from NoNoan Koan University and an MFA in effective Miscommunication from the Charles Bronson Trade School for the Creative-Destructive and Pejorative Arts, whose current size, population, location and programs are definitively Unknown.

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