by Chan Mongol


We are as same as Julian Assange, in this age;

We bring up truths against their lies, days after days.


But Julian Assange is in the prison and we are not;

We are unpopular but in their attention, Julian was caught!


Same minded people are all over, everywhere;

They picked up one Julian to start another type of war.


Julian got the most publicity to talk against those liars.

Against yellow journalism, Bush, Blair and wars.


Things go up and things go down for propaganda;

Public, army, police become brutal in media’s agenda.


Mega media sets fire everywhere and are king makers;

Media guys squeeze positions as liars and make wars?


Governments make policy from tales of rubbish media?

Julian was ordinary but media made him State’s big phobia.


CIA, FBI and court make procedures on mega media’s news;

Julian Assange became a prey for mega media’s wrong views.


Chan Mongol Thursday, January 28, 2021

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