Jasmine and Jim: Runaway Slaves, 1851
by Paul Howard Nicholas

I see your dreams clearly
reflected in my own whenever
sunlight parts the clouds,
still strong, undaunted
by our struggle to love
and live as we should.
And when the dark hours
allow us to blend into the night,
I feel you jogging beside me,
resisting the winds that would
scatter our hopes,
unafraid of the journey
that shall one day set us free!

(Excerpt from Baby Brother’s Window by Paul Howard Nicholas)
© 2016 Paul Howard Nicholas
Paul Howard Nicholas is a lifelong student of human beliefs and behavior. His latest book, ‘Baby Brother’s Window,’ provides eye witness accounts of events that range from the good, to the bad, to the hard to explain, and the characters who made them happen. His most notable works include ‘Diary of a Drifter’ (a collection of poems), ‘The Male Box’ (a play about American justice), and ‘Extinguishing the Flames of Hell’ (an autobiographical journey of spiritual evolution).

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