How Far…?


by Nia Asante


How far back do we roll amerika?

How far back do we go?


If we roll back Roe do we go

back to whips and chains?

Do we go back to chastity belts?


We still have marriages that are arranged.

Honor killings and genital mutilation should seem strange!


How far is too far amerika?

Do we build you with chain gangs?

Is it HIS-story again?

Is he repeating the same damn thang!?





How far back do we roll amerika?

Will we fill the bellies of ships

with human bellies for trade?


How far back do we row


How far back do we go?

Nia Asante is a member of the Change Links crew, now contributing from a distance from the Bay Area.
Based on coming of age as a Black woman during the clashes of the civil rights era south as de jure segregation was being overturned in the face of white supremacist resistance, she is a strong advocate for the Poor Peoples Campaign, and urges readers who can to attend the Poor & Low-wage workers March on Washington DC, on June 18.

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