Haikus Against Solitary Confinement


curated by Delores Chalmers

Keystone Decarceration Bloc – Presentation by e_parsons315



A rose cannot bloom

Bleeding hearts can not flower

If kept in darkness


–Cas Miller, 15 years old, SCI Muncy, They/Them pronouns


I wrote these while thinking of my own isolation. In the county jail. my cell had no windows. I went two weeks without seeing the outside. It was the hardest time of my life. Nothing and nobody should be alone like that. Ever.


There’s no sound at all

No hint of humanity

Chaos of the mind


–Gayle Simpson


Twenty-three and one

For five days out of a week

you are in a cell


–C.S. Daniels

One day at a time.

Slowly you will lose your mind.

Welcome to the hole.


–Kristopher M. Heggins

SCI – Frackville #EK-7139

I am the fallen tree in

the forest screaming

No one can hear me.




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