Green Corn Rebellion

by Oso Blanco


Ogalahomi farmer, raise your axe,


and Black farmer, rise up and go to D.C.

August 1917, home grown revolution.

The boys and Uncle Danny blast down the bridge.

Stand us together on John Spears’s farm,

Power of D.C.

“used against us”, as well as destruction of


Is only the power of man.

Green Corn rebellion, green corn rebellion,

Come forth again. Green corn rebellion

rise from within …  From deep in the heart of every

Cherokee Nation warrior. From deep within the warrior

Seminoles.       Look across the Canadian River

See their spirit again. Belly full of green corn,

belly full of green corn. Ancient fire — Atsila

igohida — eternal fire, an endless force,

belly full of green corn — warriors, stay

the course

Lift up your war club.

Raise it high Ditlihi

Green Corn rebellion, gather your

spirit, all your true warriors, fulfill

the chapter of an age past.

Go to D.C. and serve it to their ass.


(Dec. 20, 2019)

Oso Blanco is a Native political prisoner who was charged with robbing banks to support the Zapatistas in Mexico, and subsequently also charged with escape. The Green Corn Rebellion was a multi-racial, international uprising of white, Native and Black farmers in Oklahoma (AKA Indian Territory) about 100 years ago. Oso Blanco is currently working on a book of his poetry, stories, art and essays along with Michael Novick of Change Links. You can write to him as Byron Shane Chubbuck, #07909-051, USP Victorville U.S. Penitentiary, PO Box 3900, Adelanto CA 92301-0710.

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