George Floyd

by James Mozie #96728-004, US Pententiary Tucson

As citizens we’re outraged and sick of pointless deaths;

that was cold-blooded murder with your knee on that man’s neck.

As he drew his last breath, you forgot your obligation:

to serve and protect, but that was not your demonstration.

You have sparked a situation through your abuse of power.

Sad to say, you weren’t the first in this line of cowards.

So with no rest, we protest, til injustice pays the price.

Don’t give that cop a ten-piece – life in prison shall suffice.

Let us rise up as a people – make the system feel our pain.

The flaws in the laws protecting police are what’s to blame.

The badge should be an honor, not a license to kill.

That man begged for his life – still you stayed there until…

It was too late — his existence erased.

He offered no resistance — yet death is what he faced.

We mourn for his loss and fight for his rights.

Under no circumstances should this man have lost his life,

Now the people riot — the streets are set ablaze.

The culprits apprehended, still the rage goes on for days.

Organize the movement or the chaos is in vain,

They recognize our presence — now what do we hope to gain?

I say, increase the penalty for police committing crime.

Take away immunity and force them to do some time.

If you take a man’s life for no reason, you do life.

You sacrifice your freedom — now you’ll never see the light.

That’s what they’d do to me, and you and I are equal;

Only difference is that you’re supposed to protect the people.


James Mozie is a federal prisoner and writer. You can learn more about him and his case by going to, and read his book, “REDHANDED” for free. You can write to him at James Mozie #96728-004, US Pententiary Tucson, PO Box 24550, Tucson AZ 85734

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