I Am the Soul


I am the voice you cannot stop,

the vibration your oppression

never caught.

I am the song for the Zapatistas,

soothing the soul por vida.

I pass through their vista down

into the streets, all across the barrios,

they see no man, yet hear me all around.


The voice, the voice.

The song without end,

the song without end.

I am the voice you cannot stop,

the vibration your oppression

never caught.

I am the music, the beating

human heart, the powerful

song of freedom

endlessly set apart.


(Oct. 24, 2018)


Hang Me Up


Hang me up like red chili to dry.

Wash me down with fresh


Hold my bones up to the

sacred soothing sun…

Scrub my bones with agave fibers,

then dip me down into a tub

of pulque washing me

over and over again…

There is El Oso Blanco, they’ll say

Clean skull and all the rest,

hung upon the wall,

Waiting to walk and clank and

clink like a wind chime in

the wind,  on the night of the dead.

A skeleton waiting for el Dia de

   los Muertos, as the night before ends.


There he is blowing in the

southwestern wind.

Rise up, they say, rise up in the

hearts of the people.


rise up again.

Walk the roads de los barrios

once again, once again.


(Oct. 25, 2018)


Cause Me to Resist


They tried in vain to force me in

their schools, churches, and prisons.

They pushed me, yet they are fools.

They caused me to resist.

These foreign people and their

slave-making madness,

slave-grooming madness…

All their efforts to crush my mind,

to alter my natural thought pattern

into their servant molds,

caused me to resist.

They never broke down the Cherokee

and Choctaw spirit within me.

They never saw the warrior or healer

within this natural being.

I must then reject their foreign

institutions, they built on

my peoples’ land.


I must resist their false ideas of

gaining wealth at the expense of nature.

And I must revolt against their ways,

that poison, kill and harm my people.

(Oct. 27, 2018)

Byron Shane Chubbuck/Oso Blanco is a Cherokee Nation citizen who is also Choctaw and Celtic, a Wolf Clan Cherokee and a sovereign. He comes from the Chickamauga band, a direct descendant of Nancy Ward. He wrote his first book in the third grade, “Shane the Crane Lost His Feather.” He published Love Me Rebel Love in 2011. He won the Poet of the Year award with the New Mexico Poetry Society. He published his first poetry in 1988 in a Canyon City Colorado newspaper. He has many poems in various poetry books published, and works with writers Elizabeth Frias and Joseph Jordan as well as Michael Novick. Byron Shane of Chubbuck has traveled all over Mexico and has a deep love for its amazing peoples. He has vast experiences in Pulque making, chemistry, ART, and scraping a living from the ground up. He says to the Houseless – who he feeds and aids – “I have been you. You are me! I am commanded by my Creator to love all humanity and all Living beings.” He is now in Fed. prison for the Robin-in-the-Hood bank robbery case. Byron and Michael have a deep love for all races and humanity. They seek the revolution towards love and a new, good world, when all are Free, treated with respect as well as compassion. Write to Oso Blanco: Byron Shane Chubbuck, #07909-051 USP Victorville U.S. Pen., PO Box 3900,      Adelanto CA 92301-0710, or  by email via Corr-Links.


The Blue Agave Revolution: Poetry of a blind rebel is a collection of political poetry, short stories, other writings, and Profiles of Political Prisoners, primarily by two activists, Byron Shane of Chubbuck, AKA Oso Blanco and Michael Novick.



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