Child of Gaza

By Julie Webster 2/2024


No laughter, no joy,

Not even smiles.

Hard to feel anything,

I’ve walked for miles.


I don’t even recognize

This town where I’m from.

The buildings now rubble,

Every last one.


The colors are gone,

I only see gray.

Not even sure,

If it’s night or day.


We hear a loud sound,

Thunder and boom.

We all disperse,

And wait for doom.


No place to go to

No place to hide.

Constantly fearing,

The other side.


Crouching behind

Whatever’s close by.

The sound I now hear,

Is children who cry.


Bombs hit near-by

Know how I can tell?

It’s not just the sound,

But the fireworks smell.


Why do they hate me?

What did I do?

Is it my fault?

I haven’t a clue!


Is anyone coming

To my aid?

Alone and hopeless,

I’m really afraid.


Will I go forward,

Or accept a worse fate

When I’m full of

Sadness, despair and hate?


The world won’t forget

This shameful history.

Why ‘humans’ allow this

Is one big mystery.

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