Because of Us

by Em Berry / IG: @skinhungry


This morning I learned

The English word gauze

(finely woven medical cloth)

Comes from the Arabic word […] Ghazza

Because Gazans have been skilled weavers for centuries


I wondered then


how many of our wounds

have been dressed

because of them


and how many of theirs

have been left open

because of us


Em Berry

Em Berry is an independent writer, poet and artist from Aotearoa, New Zealand. By way of everywhere.
A gritty and accessible wordsmith taking a revised approach to literature and content creation — one that demystifies the practice of storytelling without smashing the fourth wall entirely.
Copywriter, editor and writer for hire, Em is experienced in virtually all modes of written word, but her first (and most enduring) love is poetry. Em reckons poets, artists are the true history keepers.

Writing to comfort some and disrupt others, Em’s work draws upon life experience as a traveler, rebel, reject and muse— embracing feministic, decolonial themes to create work that is thoughtful, compelling and gnarly.

Em is currently working on her first poetry book FIGHTING POEMS to be published in 2024.

An earlier attempt at attributing this poem which was widely circulated on facebook and elsewhere without attribution credited it incorrectly to another poet, Emily Berry in England. Apologies for the error.

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