by Nia Asante [excerpts]


Dear Effort,

Long time no see, old friend!

We’ve really missed you a lot.


haven’t you been bored lately? I’m sure you have.

That’s why I’m writing you this letter.

Effort, we really need your help now

more than ever!

It’s just so difficult getting folks to embrace you in order to get things done.

Oh, and how are your cousins,

Intercept and Intervene? Are they still on vacation?

Effort, you know when you three get together… Whoo hoo! It’s magic!


Effort! We can make real changes with you guys! We can make history…

It doesn’t take much, Effort.

We truly hope to see more of

you. Don’t be a stranger, ok?

Love Always,



Nia Asante is a staff member with Change Links, a Black woman activist originally from the US South. She has published articles in C-L previously, but this is her first published poem.


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