A Cosmic Sun: An Astronomical, Spatial And Multidimensional Portrait Of A Chinese Revolutionary (SUN YAT-SEN)

by Cosmos III [Excerpt]



Stirred by the magnificent zenith of the marvelous


Sagas of the Taiping Rebels dazzling and

Subversive aurora borealis display and in the romantic

Spirit of legendary monster—slayers of ancient epochs,

Sun Yat-Sen was that providential Chung kuo “Morning

Star,” a chosen heavenly

Son born on the twelfth day of the

Sterling eleventh month of the “Moon of Falling Leaves”

Simultaneously the three hundredth and

Sixteenth day and the forty

Sixth Monday in the Year of the

Siberian tiger in the


Sixth year of the nineteenth century in

Synchronous timing with the

Steadfast celestial Leonid meteor

Showers from the eighteen hundred and


Sixth Comet One.


October 10 is still celebrated in China (and Taiwan) as the anniversary of Sun Yat-Sen’s 1911 Chinese Revolution that overthrew the Emperor and established the Chinese Republic. Cosmos III (AKA McArthur Gunter) is a widely published and anthologized poet whose work has appeared in Change Links before.

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