submitted by Ray Jones (4th installment)

For eminent distinction in character, valor, integrity, fortitude and altruism, these exemplary people are worthy of recognition for their convictions, determination, higher principles and intelligence with perseverance in conscience and dignity.–RJ

Alma Dolens (1876–?) – Italian pacifist and suffragist

Muriel Duckworth (1908–2009) – Canadian pacifist feminist founder of Nova Scotia Women for Peace

Élie Ducommun (1833–1906) – Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Peggy Duff (1910–1981) – peace activist, socialist, founder and first General Secretary of CND

Henry Dunant (1828–1910) – Founder of the Red Cross, and the joint first Nobel peace laureate

Shirin Ebadi (born 1947) – Iranian lawyer, human rights activist, Nobel peace laureate

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) – Scientist, Nobel Prize laureate in physics

James Gareth Endicott (1898–1993) – initiator, organizer, protester

Hedy Epstein (1924–2016) – Jewish activist, escaped Nazis on Kindertransport; opposed Israeli military policies

Randall Forsberg (Ph.D) (died 2007) led a lifetime of research and advocacy on ways to reduce the risk of war, minimize the burden of military spending, and promote democratic institutions. Her career started at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in 1968.

Tom Fox (1951–2006) – US Quaker

Ursula Franklin (1921–2016) – German-Canadian scientist, her research helped end atmospheric nuclear testing.

Comfort Freeman – Liberian anti-war activist

Alfred Fried (1864–1921) – co-founder German peace movement, called for world peace organization

Diana Francis (born 1944) – former president of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation

Arun Gandhi (born 1934) – Indian, organizer, educator, grandson of Mohandas

Mohandas Gandhi (1869–1948) – Indian, writer, organizer, protester, lawyer, inspiration to movement leaders

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