Peace and Freedom Party Recommendations for the March 2020 Ballot

Register Peace and Freedom to choose a Socialist Presidential Candidate:

Howie Hawkins is a socialist who believes self-organization, independent political action, and international solidarity by the working class and oppressed people for full political and economic democracy is the way to build a society of freedom, equality, solidarity, peace, and ecological sustainability. He believes in the promotion of “socialism from below” and international solidarity because the fight for freedom against all dictators and imperialisms is worldwide and indivisible.

He is the 2020 presidential nominee of the Socialist Party and is seeking the Green Party nomination as part of his effort to unite the left.

Gloria La Riva has been a key organizer of many mass demonstrations and other actions for three decades. She documented the Venezuelan people’s resistance to the US economic blockade, and in late 2018 covered the Migrant Caravan in Latin America for alternative media.

Gloria and vice presidential candidate Leonard Peltier share this message: “The world is facing unprecedented crises, none of which can be solved within the existing capitalist system. We are in a race against time. The need for the radical reorganization of society on a socialist basis has never been greater or more urgent.”

Peace and Freedom Party Candidates around the State:

José Cortés – PFP candidate, U.S. Congress CA District 50 (part of San Diego County)

José Cortés has been an organizer since 2016 when the rising violence of the Trump campaign and an unjust police shooting in his hometown compelled him to take to the streets and organize. He has participated in campaigns for rent control, the closure of the for-profit concentration camps, and an end to the criminalization of the homeless and poor. He wants to end US wars abroad and shutter military bases in occupied countries.

Cassandra Devereaux – PFP candidate, CA Assembly District 14 (parts of Contra Costa and Solano Counties) Cassandra Devereaux supports police oversight and an end to Vallejo’s reign of police terror; comprehensive rent control to keep people in their homes and communities; access to medical care and mental health services for the low-income and houseless; universal housing and an end to houselessness altogether; student-loan forgiveness and access to postsecondary education for all; and an end to all of ICE’s practices.

The Peace and Freedom Party endorses these Green Party candidates & other candidates:

Robert Christian Richardson – U.S. House of Representatives, 7th District (includes parts of Sacramento County)

Michael Ernest Kerr – U.S. House of Representatives, 11th District (includes parts of Contra Costa County)

Rodolfo Cortes Barragan – U.S. House of Representatives, 40th District (includes parts of Los Angeles) Margaret Villa – State Assembly, 58th District (includes southeast Los Angeles County)

Shannel Pittman – US House Representatives, 34th District.

Cesar FloresCalifornia State Senate, 33rd District.

Victor Juan Verdin – California State assembly, 51st District.

Dual Endorsement: Channing Martinez – LA City Council District 10 and Aura Vazquez – LA City Council District 10.

Vote NO on the new Statewide Proposition 13

The Peace and Freedom Party is opposed to bond financing because it transfers wealth from working class taxpayers to the rich people and institutions that profit from buying the bonds. While we sometimes abstain on school bonds, this one does not pass the smell test.

Besides the half billion dollars for charter schools, which we oppose, there is enabling legislation with details not spelled out in any summary of the bill.

The passage of this Prop 13 would reduce the fees school districts can charge developers who profit from new construction of the projects that the new schools will serve. It would raise the amount of bonds local jurisdictions can issue, thus raising the limit on one of the most regressive forms of taxation. There is plenty of wealth in the coffers of very rich people in California. We should tax that wealth sufficiently to pay for our schools and everything else we need.

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