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Nicaragua Support Fund U.S.A. International

[In Spanish, Fondo de Apoyo a Nicaragua USA-Internacional (FAN)]

1226 N. Alvarado Street

Los Angeles, California 90026

     Since late 2014, our organization has been collecting voluntary tax payments, to be forwarded to the National Budget of the Government of Nicaragua. We have not yet forwarded any of the payments, because we’re still working on getting more people on board. At the present time, our project bank account has $8,508.00.

This year, 2021, is an election year in Nicaragua. And so we see it as an important year to contact the Nicaraguan Government and discuss with them the possibilities for forwarding our voluntary taxes. But before we do that, we want to give every one of you, the readers of Change Links Newspaper, the chance to join in the effort, by paying your voluntary taxes.

For those of you who are U.S. homeowners, we ask you to pay 250 dollars for each person in your household, one time per year. If neither you nor your parents are U.S. homeowners, we have a far lower rate. You should direct your check or money order to: Nicaragua Support Fund U.S.A. International. Send it to the Alvarado Street address above.

What’s the purpose of all this?

We stand for socialism, democracy, and the environment. We believe that revolutionary citizens of the high-paying countries need to make a financial sacrifice, to help the changes now underway in revolutionary countries. Ever since July l9, 1979, the Nicaraguan Revolution has been a beacon for revolutionary change in the Third World countries. If Nicaragua can break through and deliver a decent standard of living for all of

her citizens, then that beacon can light up the world.

The hard part is this. Can Nicaragua break through and improve her standard of living without pursuing environmental destruction? — Without building large dams that flood out forests, farmland and canyons? — Without cutting down the rainforest to make way for palm oil plantations? And the most important by far: — without building an international shipping canal that endangers the largest tropical freshwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, Lake Nicaragua?

Our project supports the Sandinista National Liberation Front in the effort to transform Nicaragua. But we have two areas of disagreement. We favor presidential term limits, preferably of two consecutive terms. And most important: we oppose environmentally destructive projects, especially the proposed Nicaragua canal.

Elected governments face major pressure from their citizens who want a higher standard of living. As US supporters of Nicaragua, we want to offer the Nicaraguan Sandinista government a way to improve living standards without pursuing environmental destruction. We are willing and eager to lower our own living standards (by paying voluntary taxes), so that the people of Nicaragua can attain higher living standards. That is a good alternative to environmental destruction.

FAN Project Officers: Steve Edinger, Mayahuel Lopez, Orlando Lopez, Shuli Rayberg


Nicaragua Support Fund U.S.A. International



We are U.S. and International supporters who are contributing to financing the Nicaraguan national government budget. [A part of our payments may also go to finance the budgets of other Latin American socialist governments] We hope that with our help, the Nicaraguan government will be able to keep its fonancial house in order, without engaging in projects that harm the environment. We are paying Nicaragua to protect the tropical environment.



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