by Ray Jones

In the endeavor for justice, civil rights, democracy, peace, and reliable honest and competent government administration, there are obstacles that impede the realization of our efforts. To take it for granted or trust that these conditions will simply manifest themselves or to assume someone else will see to it, is a tragic mistake.
Agencies and offices designated and financed to provide service to the community often fall short of meeting what is necessary. To try to solve this problem, “throw the bums out” was a phrase in use in the 1940s. “Removing dead wood” was common in the 50s, and “recall and impeach” in the 1960s and into the 1990s. Recently, citizens committees and the terms like “watchdog” and “whistle-blowing” have come about.
What can be done when civil employees evade their duty, exceed their authority, violate our rights, commit crimes, neglect service, lie and cheat?
Courts have been installed to address these matters. You can contact the United States District Court, Central District of California, Western division, 312 North Spring St., Los Angeles CA 90012, 213-894-1565, or the Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, 111 North Hill St., Los Angeles CA 90012. However, judges also receive their income from the government. They can be biased or prejudiced and often excuse, forgive or even create defense for their civil and uniformed employee associates. This results in a “do as you please” situation, and they become a party to, or turn a blind eye to, the malfeasance.
Appellate courts have devised a multitude of case law findings (opinions) to dismiss cases on technicalities. [See Government Code section 820 et. seq.] Hardly any plaintiffs, therefore, receive compensation for their case.
The FBI has been installed to investigate criminality and civil rights violations. You can contact them at 11000 Wilshire Blvd., 17th floor, Los Angeles CA 90024, 310-477-6565. The US Attorney has been installed to present such cases to court. Contact them at 312 North Spring St., 12th floor, Los Angeles CA 90012, 213-894-2400. However, both make attempts to pass on matters to other agencies, delay for months, and send out a photocopied generic form letters avoiding the complaint altogether. The Commission on Judicial Performance, 455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 14400, San Francisco CA 94102, 415-557-1200, may give you the same routine.
On the executive side, you can contact the Governor’s office at 300 South Spring St., 17th floor Los Angeles CA 90013, 213-897-2000, or the L.A. mayor at City Hall, fourth floor 200 North Spring St., Los Angeles CA 90012, 213-485-2121. However, do not expect much. People who have been attending the Los Angeles Police Commission for example, at 100 W. 1st St., room 134, Los Angeles CA 90012, 213-236-1400, have been met with frustrating inaction or even arrest.
For excellent reference material about how government should function, look for Thomas Jefferson’s letters and the Federalist Papers. There is more to governing than shooting off one’s mouth or bossing others around. Such officials set a bad example.
We are not robots, cattle, “pawns in a game” (Bob Dylan), punching bags, rabble or plebeians. We are the people of the United States, and we shall overcome.

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