Organic strategies to protect your Vegetable Garden

    Hi there, Bella De Soto here.  I shared content I compiled regarding easy ways to grow your veggie garden from your indoor sunny window… plant in pots first till they are strong enough to go on the ground.  When transplanting to soil, don’t forget to always water, and water some more anywhere until they reach sensible adulthood…

Now I need to also let you know ways to protect that delicious veggie garden you have been growing so patiently.  But only when there is a need.

When the vegetable root is transported to soil from the sunny water container, you need to watch that it is not being attacked by certain pests after a week or so, and possibly by some birds. Please bear in mind that not all vegetables will attract such threats, but some can also be delicious to certain pests!

My experience growing Eggplant, Zucchini and Celery proved challenging!  Potatoes can also need some help while growing. Plants with hairy leaves provide a most hospitable environment for tiny pests to nettle in quickly, can you blame them?  And if not attended to in short time, the rest of your veggie garden may become infected.

But I have learned about some organic measures that can help in this journey…

Notice in the image, my young Celery plant has been munched away!  Just around 3 weeks ago, it was growing nicely, but soon tiny black ant-like insets were freely eating the growth!  Yesterday I removed it from the sun, today I dosed it well with a homemade mixture of cooking oil, water and dish soap.  This needs to be repeated once every seven days to thoroughly control the pests, or longer.  So far I have been periodically checking the Celery plant, to see if any of the critters are visible, but they are not!  The application of the spray could be working…

Here are links to some helpful homemade remedies, depending on your situation, all organic, with minimal or no chemicals.

Homemade organic pesticide for vegetables

By Amanda Flanigan

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