Summary of reports on DEMOCRACY NOW!

by Terrie Brady

On Democracy Now! on December 23 there was a report about an effort by Exxon Mobil to start off shore oil drilling off Guyana.  There is a lawyer, Melinda janki,  who is from Guyana trying to stop this. Antonia Juhasz wrote in WIRED magazine about this.  Antonia Juhasz also wrote a book , The Tyranny of Oil  on this subject.

Also on Democracy Now! on January 19th,  a report about a federally employed scientist, Rose Abramoff, employed at a private contracted lab in Tennessee, fired for speaking out about climate crisis.

Also in Atlanta, a nonviolent forest defender, Manuel Teran, also known as Tortuguita,  was assassinated by police; a writer named KUMau was interviewed on 1 20 23 on Democracy Now!  about this issue.

Also reported on Democracy Now!, there is a lignite (coal) mine in Germany whose expansion threatened a village that many protesters have tried to stop, including Greta Thunberg who has been arrested there several times. Germany retreated from a commitment to phase out coal after energy shortages resulted from the sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.

Also reported on Democracy Now!:  the next climate talks, COP 28, will be in the “Middle East” and the head of the talks is proposed to be an oil executive named sultan Ahmed al Jaber.  US Special Climate Ambassador John Kerry said that is good with him   on Jan 27, it was reported that there is a letter signed by 70 environmental organizations opposing this action. What we can do to help  of these

  1. Contact the Biden White House to say you don’t agree with john Kerry about oil exec Sultan Ahmed al Jaber leading climate talks,
  2. and with the firing of the climate scientist for saying that they are frightened for the future of humanity.  Ask them to rehire rose Abramoff White house comment line is 202 456 1111
  3. Boycott Exxon Mobil and tell them you are boycotting until they withdraw their proposal to do offshore drilling in Guyana
  4. Support and talk about the protest in Germany and Greta Thunberg AND SIGN THE AVAAZ PETITION
  5. Keep boycotting banks like Chase, Citibank and Wells Fargo which invest in fossil fuels. Put your money in a credit union instead.
  6. You can get more details and watch the full story on these topics at the website
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