Given the history of Pacifica, Pacifica you know was founded for a specific purpose and it was to create something that was really quite remarkable in its time, and as we see, in today’s time: to resist the corporatization of radio, and to give the freest expression for the people, a kind of radio democracy. And anything that challenges that, of course I and many people who think along those lines, would have to oppose it. So I would say if you’re thinking about keeping Pacifica, as the rare treasure that it is in radio, vote. NO on the [bylaws] elections upcoming. And understand that this is a continuing struggle that it’s happened over years. And if you do not resist this corporatization, a real radio treasure will be lost and lost forever.

[There’s] something called position, you know, in real estate where you are, it’s more important that what you are. The same is true of radio,  your position on the dial. Your frequency is very, very important and these frequencies were established, long before FM radio, became the presence that it is today. So corporate forces, looking at it from a capitalist perspective, are licking their chops to acquire those frequencies so that they can sell soap,so that they can sell stuff, so that they can make more money, not make up minds but to make more money. So it’s more important than [ever]. You know, Pacifica has always been and for decades now, the places where people could hear voices that were chopped out of. and cut out of corporate radio: radicals, organizers, agitators, professors,  thinkers, stinkers, people from a wide variety of social movements, were able to find space, in an area where there was very little space.  And that encroachment on the commons of radio is continuing. So, ideologically, market forces must be resisted because they are not “normal.” They’re an encroachment and a growing force against Free Speech, social movements, to[wards] the marketization, the corporatization of the air. So keep free air, keep Pacifica being what it is. Keep free air free. From imprisoned nation, this is Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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