Metro Regional Connector Transit Project Update: November 2019


Little Tokyo/Arts District station site ready for next phase of construction


At the new Little Tokyo/Arts District Station, crews have completed concrete placement of the exterior walls and roof below the wye junction, located directly beneath the Alameda St and 1st St intersection. The wye junction will be the connecting point of the new extension to the existing Gold Line and is a pivotal portion of the project. Concrete placement of exterior walls and roof at the at the 1st St portal, located east of Alameda St, is ongoing.


Overall this month, crews have poured more than 1,100 cubic yards of concrete at the “wye” junction, the 1st St portal, and within the station itself. That amounts to about five concrete trucks a day!


Road closures for street restoration begin January 10

Street restoration, is planned to begin on January 10, 2020, and will last approximately eight months. Forming the roof structure will allow crews to return to the surface, safely and permanently place the various utilities on top of the tunnel box, backfill the area with soil, and ultimately rebuild the streets to their original condition.


Plan ahead as lane reductions (one lane in each direction on Alameda St) and road closures will be in place at the 1st Street and Alameda intersection in the new year. httpss://


Questions or comments? Find the community outreach team Mondays (10 am–5 pm), Tuesdays and Thursdays (1–5 pm), and Wednesdays and Fridays (appointment only) at the Little Tokyo Community Office. You can also call the project hotline anytime at 213-922-7277.


The start of work on the next level of the Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill Station


At the future Grand Av Arts/Bunker Hill Station, concrete placement continues with approximately more than 900 cubic yards of concrete placed during the month of November. To put this into perspective, one concrete truck holds about 10 cubic yards.


Moving into December, crews will continue to install waterproofing, rebar, and more concrete, progressing to the next level of the station. With the deck nearing completion at the ancillary level, only the upper ancillary level remains before crews can reach the roof level of the deepest station of the project.


Forming walls and pouring concrete at Historic Broadway Station


At the future Historic Broadway Station, crews continue the installation of waterproofing, rebar and concrete placement at each level of the station. At the east end of the station, the focus is on the curved walls of the crossover cavern. Crews have completed concrete placement of the bottom half and exterior walls of the crossover cavern. Preparation for interior walls and arch forms to pour the top half of this engineering marvel are underway.


The crossover cavern covers an area measuring 60 feet wide, 30 feet tall, and nearly 300 feet long. This feature of the alignment will allow trains traveling between the future Little Tokyo/Arts District and Historic Broadway Stations to switch tracks for operations purposes, system maintenance, or in the event of an emergency.

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