2018, Vol. 24 Number  9

IN MEMORY OF Co-founder & Editor John Johnson,  b. July 4, 1944 – d. April 13, 2014

Editorial Staff: Nia Asante, Terrie Brady, Donna Buell, Uncle Don B. Fanning, Greg Foisie, Sheila Goldner, Jeff Hirsch, Ray Jones, Michael Novick,  Dean Ruby, Ron Spriestersbach, David Troy & others.

Deadline for articles and ads is the 15th, deadline for calendar items is the 20th of the month before publication.

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This is an independent collective activity. We welcome your involvement to keep the paper and website alive. Views expressed in Change-Links are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of Change-Links, its volunteers, or sponsors. Letters of comment are welcome!


If you can help collect items for the monthly calendar, do print layout or handle a wordpress website, or do copy editing and proof-reading — Change Links needs you! Please email changelinks2@gmail.com to volunteer and learn more. We hope you will step up if you value the paper!

Our next meeting is Wed., Mar. 14, 7:30pm, at the Peace Center,  to plan the April 2018 issue. The last weekend each month, we gather at the Peace Center on Thursday at 7:30 PM for a mailing and bundle-distribution party and a discussion about the following month’s issue. The next such meeting will take place Thurs., March 29, to distribute the April issue, assuming we can produce it, and discuss the May issue.

We usually have poetry  in each issue; send submissions to: changelinks2@gmail.com. Please include a bio & photo.

Submit articles, preferably in .doc format, to: changelinks2@gmail.com.

Calendar items to same address, (Change-Links calendar item in subject line); include title of event, day, date, time, location, fee if any, a short description, contact information for sponsors, and a small jpg graphic if you have one. Please spell out all words and capitalize street names, etc.

A $5 donation for calendar items is appreciated.  Payable to AFGJ/Change Links (our fiscal sponsor cannot process checks made out to “Change Links” alone) at the address below:

Change Links, P. O. Box 34236, Los Angeles, CA 90034-0236

Phone: (951) 638-9259

E-mail: changelinks2@gmail.com

Web Site: https://www.change-links.org

Tel: (951) 638-9CLX (9259) (Google Voice – messages only)

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