Voting Centers 2020


There will be a new voting system ready for this March 3,  2020 Primary. But there will also be manual voting paper ballots available at each voting center for those without electronic know how. Make sure, if you use the modified touch screen, to hit the “more” button when you see it, for additional candidates for the same office.

Some voting centers will open for 11 days February 22-March 3.  Others will be open only the final three days, staring Saturday feb 29.  You can vote at any voting center in the county, and will get the ballot for your specific residential districts (city, county and state). That means you can even vote at a center closest to your job, doctor’s appointment, school, and you’ll have 11 days to cast your vote.  And if you wish to drive to your County Registrar Office, you will also be able to vote there as well, before or on March 3.  But please get there early, and call before you travel there…

Each voting Center needs to accommodate disabled voters.


How to find a Voting center near you:


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