To the editor,

While the origins of COVID-19 are debated, it remains true that animal agriculture greatly increases our pandemic risk. That’s why Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla should support federal funding for cultured-meat research. For readers who aren’t familiar with the term, cultured meat is grown from cells, without raising and slaughtering livestock.

“Both farmed and caged wild animals create the perfect breeding ground for zoonotic diseases,” Liz Specht wrote for Wired. “Extraordinarily high population densities, prolonged heightened stress levels, poor sanitation, and unnatural diets create a veritable speed-dating event for viruses to rendezvous with a weakened human host and transcend the species barrier.”

The private sector has made remarkable progress developing the field of cellular agriculture. But for cultured meat to succeed, government funding is necessary for open-access research. This will help producers reach price parity with slaughtered meat and develop whole-cut products. Legislators who hope to stop the next pandemic should support this vital work.

Jon Hochschartner

41 Salmon Brook Street

Granby, CT 06035

(860) 653-2189

Dear Editor:

Attempted Institutional Lynching of Mario Ochoa”

by Shaleec Thomas <>

My nephew is Mario Ochoa, he’s currently in prison, in California, and severely sick! I don’t know all the details, his mother and his sister (Shayuana Elem and Chaya Elem) and I have fallen out over crazy family issues, but that’s besides the point.

His fingers on one hand have been cut off, because of some medicine he was given, while in prison, (which I think hadn’t been tested before or something, he got really sick, almost unto death, but he got better, with much prayer; but the flesh on his hand was dying, and now he’s sick again, I really don’t know all the details).  He’s been struggling with phantom aches and severe pain, and has no medical assistance to deal with it.

My family believes the prison system is trying to hide what they did and are doing to my nephew, that they’re trying to make him die in prison. It’s my understanding that they’re refusing to release him, even though he’s supposed to be released soon.  Even the circumstances surrounding his arrest and imprisonment are wrong, corrupt, and unjust. They didn’t have any evidence or witnesses, and from what I know the man that was actually identified by the survivors (I say survivor rather than victim) is out on the streets!

On top of all these things, my nephew has been stabbed, earlier this year, I believe; I think he’s been jumped, and harassed and set up by the prison guards.

I’m reaching out to you, and I wish I would’ve done it sooner, but I thought he was getting better, and was being released soon; because I love my nephew, and I just want to see him get to the other side of this free, healthy, and happy.  He has kids, and they need him, and I want him to value his own life, and to want the best for himself and his children!

You can find both his mom and sister on Facebook: Shayuana Temple, Chaya Elem, Chaya Banks, Chaya Brown.

Please Help! I’m going to send this message to different vloggers, media, and other outlets to get my nephew as much support, help, and publicity as possible.  I want this whole situation exposed and investigated!!!

Thanks in advance and God bless.

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