Dear friends and Bernie Sanders Supporters,

What follows is my response to the Bernie campaign asking for financial support…which I have been giving…but will discontinue until he changes his rhetoric ( and hopefully his position) attacking Venezuela.  We cannot afford another war mongering president ready to support destructive US policies and invasions.  Repeating corporate media lies supporting the destabilization of another sovereign country is a very very disturbing thing for any candidate.  Maybe it just goes with the Democrat label…the other war party of two war parties ever pitching for the weapons industry feeding on the environmental destruction and the human misery they cause?

Call on Bernie Sanders to withdraw this demand he made for international intervention in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs: “Let me be very clear. Anyone who does what Maduro does is a vicious tyrant. We need international and regional cooperation for free elections so the Venezuelan people can create their own future.”  –Bernie Sanders, Democratic Debate, Sept. 15. Call his campaign today, Bernie Sanders: 802-862-1505.


I sent a check to the Sanders campaign before I heard Bernie repeating the corporate media’s absolutely false statements about Venezuela and it’s popularly elected president Nicolas Maduro. I will not financially support Sanders as long as he continues to slander President Maduro and endanger the Venezuelan democracy with lies poised to excuse the economic warfare now being waged against millions of Venezuelans. This verbal attack is used to promote invasion and bloodshed. Sanders needs to be better than that.

Getting his information from the war machine and the corporate media is terribly irresponsible and shows a lack of understanding of US interventionist policies (and invasions) for decades.  Surely Sanders cannot be ignorant of US history and policies which he has worked within as a senator? We are back to the lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction with all the politicians jumping on board to a colossal and dangerous deception.  Every thing Sanders said in the last “ debate”  is factually wrong about Venezuela. It is shamefull spreading these corporate sponsored lies. Doesn’t  US pattern of attacks on sovereign nations, the historical and recent invasions, destabilizations, desructions of economies, theft of resources, assasinations, coups and brutal one sided wars against entire innocent populations mean anything in assessing the current issue of Venezuela?

Venezuela’s crime is to have oil, democratized the industry and to have spent the revenue on its population’s needs like housing, food, education, infrastructure.

The opposition funded by the US under Guaido, a complete unknown with no electoral mandate, has been committing violent crimes against the people. US sanctions have been depriving Venezuela of necessities, trying to create chaos.  Plenty of Venezuelan capitalists are living here and still controlling businesses in Venezuela and working to foment a US sponsored coup.  They used to  strip the country of resources…retained an elitist society with an enormous wealth gap…and they want that power back.


John Stockwell, former CIA Officer: The point is to put pressure on the targeted government by ripping apart the social and economic fabric of the country. Now that’s words, you know, social and economic fabric. That means making the people suffer as much as you can, until the country plunges into chaos – until at some point you can impose your choice of governments on that country.


Under Chavez and Maduro the distribution of wealth became more equal, literacy skyrocketted, democracy institutions flourished ( they have more representative government thatn we do), elections  became fair and transparent,  local business and agriculture cooperatives were financed, people got health care, better food, housing and access to higher education which all used to be reserved exclusively for the wealthy. Racial equality was established. Their corporate owned “free press” is hurting the country…just as ours is hurting us.  The majority of Venezuelan news media is private and corporate owned and operated…the government has smaller media presence that the corporatists.



Guaido is US puppet assembly member from a small rural area with only a few percentage of population.  Most Venezuelans had never heard of him.  Guiado has made hundreds of trips outside to US and to Europe… US sponsored WHINSEC training camps for disrupting governments and creating coups are in Eastern Europe.

Sanders statements are shameful because they are military industrial complex lies.  And they are ignorant. His words will do great damage to the people of Venezuela who have a functioning democracy, a parliament with opposition representation and clean elections. If Bernie is no better than that…he will continue to be easily swayed by the corporate class. That is very very depressing.  because that means we cannot depend on him either on the domestic front.

The last thing we need is another invasion- friendly POTUS relying on false news and creating more human misery.

Be Well,

Maureen Cruise

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