January 25, 2015
P.O. BOX 34236
Re: Community Sanctions Against ìGeneral TACO and Change-Links Support of Black Riders

Greetings Members and Staff:

It has come to our attention that Change-Links has provided copy space in both the print and electronic editions of Change-Links for recruitment for the Black Rider Liberation Party led by the person known as General TACO aka Mischa Culton.
As you may know, on October 1, 2014, the Afrikan Peoples Liberation Tribunal issued sanctions prohibiting TACO from being involved in the political life of the Black or any other community based on the unopposed allegations and uncontradicted evidence that TACO engaged in 18 years of torture, sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse of the women, men and youth membership and supporters of the Black Rider Liberation Party and theft from its community supporters. TACO has not once challenged the factual allegations made by the over a dozen of the many he abused and his only defense has been the lie that he is the subject of a Cointelpro operation.
The findings and the sanctions were issued by a group of 16 veteran activists from a broad and very diverse array of political, religious and community organizations seeking to end violence against the young activists within our movement.
Based on the sanctions issued by the Afrikan Peoples Liberation Tribunal, we now request that ChangeLinks withdraw all support of the Black Rider Liberation Party as long as it is under the control of TACO. In support of this request, we ask that you consider the attached documents detailing the sanctions, history, processes and procedures of the Afrikan Peoples Liberation Tribunal.
We would like to be informed of any decision Change-Links makes regarding Taco and the Black Riders and the reasons for any decision. We can be reached at
The Committee: Jitu Sadiki ñ Dedon Kamathi ñ Thandisizwe Chimurenga ñ James M. Simmons

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