LAPD manhandles 18 year old girl on Metro Rail

by Bella De Soto

On Jan. 23 at 11:22 PM, the news broke that an “LA Police Officer physically throws teenager off Metro Rail for the crime of putting her foot on the seat” (see image attached).  This young woman had just started her first job the same day, and was applying for her ID as well, many firsts in her life, but not planning for this gruesome experience that will certainly mar her future.

She was eventually handcuffed and arrested, but also another older woman as well, who stood up for her rights, at times denounced the officer for his unfounded relentless aggressive behavior, and even cursed the officer several times in rage.  The officer called for backup, and later a barrage of officers showed up for just two women, who were not violent toward the officer, except arguing for violations, outraged.

The original Video was captured by Brock Bryan with his cell phone, posted at: httpss://  Also posted at: httpss:// 

The video is sensitive, it has an alert to the viewer: “This video may be inappropriate for some users.” It also is Age-restricted (based on Community Guidelines.  Published on Jan 23, 2018, story by: California Guardian –  httpss://

California Guardian’s mission is creating Constitutional Activism on Police and Government Accountability,  a primarily First Amendment Activist who’s primary focus is public recording/videography while holding the police and government officials accountable.

Reaction from some video viewers was outraged, although several folks posted comments in support of the Police Officer’s actions (must have been organized by the same officer, cohorts). There were other reactions posted “There needs to be a full investigation on how the police conduct certain things. A badge doesn’t authorize for them to perform excessive force. Especially with the police getting more military like. This is not acceptable, one of the many reasons I don’t like police.”

“An out of control Police Department, that feels entitlement to all impunity …”

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