By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

On Sept 12, 2020, two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot in a ‘citizen involved shooting’ in the city of Compton.

According to credible citizen accounts, the two deputies were shot by a passerby in self-defense. The citizen, they report, was walking down the street on the way to church, when the cops pointed firearms at him from crouching positions in their patrol car and yelled the gang slogan, “Blue lives matter!” The citizen was able to avoid harm by using the training he received as a member of a local community defense group against police terror, quickly drew his own firearm, and defended himself.

The citizen’s identity is being withheld by the community to protect him from almost certain violent retaliation from the L.A. sheriff’s dept and similar gangs portrayed as law enforcement authorities.

Meantime, gangs of police have been violently protesting in the streets, claiming the shooting was actually a “cowardly ambush” of two unarmed cops, who actually had only coffee and donuts in their hands that they were extending toward the shooter as an offer of charity to someone they thought was homeless.

Both cops were found to have prior offenses against the community, stealing candy as kids, cursing, etc.

Later that night, at the hospital where the cops were being treated, a group of citizens who’d assembled to wish the 2 cops a peaceful transition to the afterlife, were attacked by L.A. deputies who beat one citizen and arrested him and threw to the ground a woman with the media whose cell phone, knocked from her hand by deputies, filmed the assault on her and her repeated identification of herself as a reporter.

(For all the cops and cop sympathizers outraged at this account of the actual police shooting in Compton on Sept 12, 2020, this should give you a sense of how the Black and Brown communities feel every day when you cowardly brutalize and murder our (almost always defenseless) people and spin absurd accounts of events to dismiss them as justified acts of self-defense.)

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