by Michael Novick, KPFK LSB Chair

The elections for listener and staff delegates at KPFK and other Pacifica stations, no longer threatened by a Bylaws replacement effort that would have eliminated elected local oversight of station management, finances and programming policy and fairness, are now underway. Listener-sponsor and staff members, in separate elections, will choose nine listener and three staff delegates to serve for three years on the Local Station Board (LSB). [Full disclosure: the author is a candidate for re-election to the LSB.] Voting has opened and continues until October 15 (with the possibility of an extension if quorum [10% of listener-sponsor members and 25% of paid and unpaid staff] is not reached by that deadline). Those elected will be seated in December, eligible to vote on LSB officers for the coming year, and for three listeners and one staff member of the LSB to serve as directors for KPFK on the Pacifica National Board (PNB).

The KPFK LSB voted in July and again in August to call for live on-air candidate forums for the listener delegates, with the opportunity for listener call-ins with questions and comments, but as of Change Links press time, this has not yet occurred, threatening the ability of listener-sponsor members to make informed democratic choices, and violating their rights, as well as those of the candidates, under the Bylaws. Acknowledging the problem, since ballots have already been sent out and cast in the middle of the last month, the National Election Supervisor has set up a mechanism to allow members to reset their ballot and request a new ballot. This can be accessed here: but you must have your voter ID number from the original post card or email you were sent with your voting credentials. You also have the option of requesting a paper ballot. (See for more information and details on the candidates and on your options, including how to request a ballot if you never received your ballot access information).

As Change Links was going to press, the Pacifica National Board was holding a special emergency meeting to consider a motion mandating such live on-air candidate forums with listener call-ins, as well as equitable airing of short candidate statements or “carts” on all five stations, including KPFK. Here’s a link to an on-line petition demanding action from the PNB, Executive Director and National Election Supervisor in case that mandate is not adopted and implemented:

The LSB held its second monthly on-air report to the listener on Aug. 31, and has a special meeting scheduled for 5:30 PM Sept. 1 via zoom to discuss station finances (some of which may be in executive session if confidential personnel must be discussed). Public comment is welcome, details of the zoom call are on The regular LSB monthly business meeting will take place on the 3rd Sunday, Sept. 19 at 10:30 PM. If you want to receive a weekly email newsletter with information on LSB and PNB meetings and committees, send a blank email to with subscribe kpfklsbnews in the subject line, and respond affirmatively to the verification email. More information is also available on the LSB/PNB page on the website. The LSB is also seeking candidates for the Community Advisory Board, who can conduct a community needs assessment, and evaluate underserved communities in the station’s extensive listening area; and for the Committee of Inclusion, which can make recommendations regarding the inclusion of under-represented communities in station management, staff, programming and governance. To apply for either drop an email to

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