KPFK, Pacifica Radio for all of southern and parts of central Calfornia, is winding down its fall on-air fund drive, which as Change-Links goes to press was expected to last until November 6. The drive was extended from its original end date to try to reach its goal. The station, and in fact the entire Pacifica Foundation, are under severe financial pressure because of accumulated unpaid debts over the last 3-4 years, included unfulfilled “thank you” premiums. Hours of some paid staffers (including management) have been cut to half time for several months, but if the fund drive is not successful, additional cutbacks may be required to maintain the broadcast entity’s solvency. You can call 818-985-5735 to donate, or go online to — people are being urged to donate as sustainers via electronic funds transfer from a bank account to reduce the costs to the stations of premiums and credit card billing.
Simultaneously, the station is in the midst of an election for listener and staff delegates to the Local Station Board, which reviews the budget, evaluates top management, and picks members of the Pacifica National Board. Ballots went out to eligible voters (people who donated at least $25 or did at least 3 hours of volunteer work for the station in the year ending Aug. 14, 2015). Ballots are due back by mail or electronically by Dec. 4. If you think you are eligible to didn’t receive a mail or electronic ballot, contact the elections supervisors via

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