by Ray Jones

The US Constitution can be found in the US Code, Constitution (Thomson-West Publications). The law against violation of Constitutional rights can be found in US Code, Title 42, Volume 1, Section 1983.

Here are some opinions of the US Court of Appeals. The ruling is followed by the case in which was rendered, and a citation to the Federal Reporter.

Rights under this amendment and Amend. 14 [are] fundamental to our notions of ordered liberty, and access to information enabling conscious choice is vital to our democratic way of life. Asociacion de Trabajadores Agricolas de Puerto Rico v. Green Giant Co., 518 F.2d 130.

Freedom of speech includes the right to refrain from speaking. Donaggio v. Arlington County, VA. E. D. Va. 1995. 78 F.3d 578

Simply because [a] right is not [a] fundamental one for purposes of the equal protection clause does not mean it is not entitled to First Amendment protection. Carver v. Dennis, M.D. Tenn. 1995, 104 F.3d. 847

PublicĂ­s right under this amendment and defendantĂ­s right under Amend. 6 to public trial serve common interests, and legal principles appropriate for enforcing one are usually applicable to the other. Rovinsky v McCaskle, C.A.5 (tex.) 1984, 722 F.2d 197.

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