URGENT Call for ChangeLinks Volunteers

Change-Links needs a * VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR * to assist John in bringing together people to determine the necessary resources for continuing CL with the permanent, reliable status it enjoyed for over 20 years. The VC will also gather volunteers to provide for monthly newspaper production, delivery & subscriptions, computer assistance for John, and development & fundraising.  Hours will depend on need & availability and part of the job is to find a new VC replacement before leaving the position. The VC and all other positions are unpaid due to CL’s low budget and the fact that the newspaper is available free citywide and to subscribers at low cost. Overwork and stress contributed to John’s health issues as well as CL’s recent publication hiatus. CL belongs to our activist community upon whose help it now relies. Shared among us, our work can be easily & joyfully continued into the future.

Change-Links is one of the few remaining print edition regional progressive newspapers. Our event calendar covers Southern California, focusing on Los Angeles. We provide news, resources and obits with a focus on social & environmental justice. Some potential readers are not Internet involved or have not yet discovered SoCal’s vibrant progressive community. A print publication is the best way to reach this underserved population. Please help us with your volunteer services, your subscriptions and your donations!

To apply, contact editor John Johnson (please send to both email addresses):changelinks@changelinks.org and change@pacbell.net . (818) 782-1412, (818) 681-7448 cell.

July 1 ● Monday

Political Action: Send 1984 to the President
Send Obama a gift and let him know we care. Details: afgj.org.

Political Action: Gas Out 2013
Carpool, Ride the Bus, Take the Train, Ride a Bike for The Week of July 4th. Down With Fossil Fuels! Up With Sustainable Energy! Jul 1-7. facebook.com/events/454218861266609

Benefit: Stop Home Eviction
Ms. Cathlene Hughes is making history in her fight to keep her home. After being evicted in January, she turned the tables and evicted the investor who tried to steal it. The LA Anti Eviction Campaign will be hosting a fundraiser to raise money for Ms. Hughes’ legal fees and home defense. 9 PM. The New Jalisco Bar, 245 S Main St, LA. facebook.com/events/382853568487220.

July 2  ● Tuesday

Discussion: Joyce/McLuhan
Usually first Tuesdays monthly, call to confirm. Gerry Fialka’s regular reading club explores the ideas of James Joyce and Marshall McLuhan and how they apply to today’s media and technology. 6-8 PM. Lloyd Taber- Marina Del Rey Library, Marina Del Rey Library, 4533 Admiralty Way, MDR. (310) 306-7330. venicewake.org.

Political Action: Stop the Chained CPI
A national day of action, a human chain against the chained CPI. Protest and improve Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid— No Cuts. Noon – 1 PM. Maxine Waters’ Office, 10124 Broadway #1, LA. (714) 244-7776.

July 3 ● Wednesday

Political Meeting: Counter Recruitment
Regular monthly meeting of Glendale Education/Social Justice Advocates (GESJA). Working to encourage GUSD to provide balanced information about military recruiting & other social issues. Students, parents, community members are invited. Usually first Wednesdays monthly. 6-8 PM. Pacific Park Library, 501 S. Pacific Ave., Glendale. (818) 248-4967. <gesja_email@yahoo.com>.

July 4 ● Thursday

Political Action: March to Label GMOs
At a 4th of July Parade near you! Join a group or form your own. Actions listed so far for SoCA:San Diego, Temecula, Lake Forest, Huntington Beach, Sierra Madre, Sunland/Tujunga, Pacific Palisades, Westlake Village, Ventura, Santa Barbara. <momsacrossamerica.com>.

Benefit: John Johnson Birthday Party
Proceeds go to Change-Links. 7-10 PM.  Talking Stick Coffee Lounge, 1411 Lincoln Blvd., Venice.

July 5 ● Friday

Conference: NOW
National Conference. Chicago, IL. <now.org/organization/conference/2013>.

July 6 ● Saturday

Community Event: Brown Beret Garden
Join a collective of gardeners and the LA Brown Berets Autonomous Chapter on Farce of July weekend as they create a new garden in City Terrace. Also: artisan stone worker Ari Robles talks on permaculture and applied skills such as teaching and preparing the soil. A two day project treating the soil with trimming and mulching. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. July 6-7. 7AM  – 12 PM. 1053 N Eastman Ave., LA. <facebook.com/events/648210798541833>.

Political Meeting: OC IWW
Monthly Branch Meeting, Noon. Book Club featuring Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History, 2 PM. 316 South Cypress Ave., Santa Ana.

Talk: Humanism in History of Western Philosophy [added] Juan Bernal, Ph.D. in philosophy and long-time humanist. Q&A period following the presentation. OC Humanists. 1:30 PM. Irvine Ranch Water District – Community Meeting Room, 15500 Sand Canyon Ave. <meetup.com/OCHumanists/events/102667632>.

Poetry: Gun Violence
Poems written in response to gun violence in American culture. A reading of the poems during the UP IN ARMS poster show at the gallery. 6:30 PM. Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo. <facebook.com/events/209820125833119>.

July 7 ● Sunday

Community Meeting: Youth Justice Coalition
Monthly countywide meeting. 2-4 PM. Chuco’s Justice Center 1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood. (323) 235-4243. <freelanow@yahoo.com>. <youth4justice.org>.

Plays: One Night in Miami
Cassius Clay just defeated Sonny Liston to become heavyweight champion of the world. No celebration is planned since no one thought he would actually win. No one, except three not-yet-legendary friends: activist Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke and football player Jim Brown who throw a party for him in a small hotel. Runs selected Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. July 5-28. 3 PM tonight. Visit their website for specifics. Rogue Machine Theatre, 5041 W. Pico Blvd., LA. (855) 585-5185. <roguemachinetheatre.com>.

Talk: Nigerian Humanist/Skeptic
Leo Igwe, founder of the Nigerian Humanist Movement and the Nigerian Skeptics Society. 3 PM. 724 E. Edgeware Rd., LA. <atheistsunited.org/article/2027>.

July 8 ● Monday

Political Meeting: Peace & Justice
San Diego Coalition for Peace & Justice. Including report back from Judith Hand who attended a national conference; continued discussion of local peace & justice radio station KNSJ; the October Malalai Joya tour; and discussion of Syria and a possible position statement. 7 PM. PRC area of the Friends Center, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego. (619) 263-9301. info@sdcpj.org  sdcpj.org

Film: Documental
“Women Experimentalists” who excel at avant garde cinema. Free. 6-10 PM. Unurban, 3301 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. (310) 315-0056, (310) 306-7330, (310) 450-6052. <pfsuzy@aol.com>. <laughtears.com/documental.html>.

July 9 ● Tuesday

Forum: LA Jails w/o Building More
With representatives from Justice Not Jails , Coalition to End Sheriff’s Violence in LA Jails and ACLU Jails Project. ACLU-SC Pasadena-Foothills Chapter Public Forum. 7 PM. Free. Neighborhood Church, 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena. (213) 434-4643. <aclupasadena@yahoo.com>.

July 10 ● Wednesday

Community Meeting: Transgender Support Group
All stages & gender variants. For those questioning their gender identity and needing someone to talk to, friends, and family members of transgender people. Not a dating, romance or singles group. 7-9 PM. Also Jul 17, 24, 31. South Bay LGBT Center, 16610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance. (310) 328-6550. <southbaycenter.org>.

Film: War on Whistleblowers
Robert Greenwald’s newest film, “War on Whistleblowers:Free Press and the National Security State” highlights the stories of four individuals who were compelled to reveal grave acts of government illegality and violations to the U.S. constitution during the explosion of the military industrial complex followed by 9/11. 7:00 pm. Culver City Democratic Club.  Veteran’s Park – Rotunda Room,  4117   Overland. Culver City

July 11 ● Thursday

Books: Ecofeminism & Social Justice
Featuring Vandana Shiva’s book Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, and Peace. Group interests include feminism, social justice, animal rights/veganism, and environmentalism. Community Reading Group. 7 PM. Free. Jack Fisher Park, by the fire pit, 2501 N. Flower St., Santa Ana. (714) 595-7589. <stacylee1970@yahoo.com>.

July 12 ● Friday

Community Event: LGBT Games Night
Games and refreshments at the Center. 7-10 PM. South Bay Center, 16610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance. (310) 328-6550. <southbaycenter.org>.

July 13 ● Saturday

Political Action: Support Prisoner Hunger Strike
A statewide mobilization. Caravan leaving from  Chuco’s Justice Center in Inglewood at 8:30AM. Rally begins at 3PM at Corcoran State Prison. (Corcoran, CA is between I5 & CA 99; between Bakersfield & Fresno.) <mafundi421@gmail.com>. <facebook.com/events/527808370589772>.

Political Meeting: 350.org OC
Chapter meeting. At this meeting we will brainstorm, select, and begin initial planning of our first major projects over the summer. Noon – 2 PM. Center for Living Peace, 4139 Campus Dr., Irvine.

Classes: Peoples’ College of Law
Open House. See the school, ask questions and learn more about the most progressive law school in the nation! 2 PM. Also Jul 18, 6 PM. Peoples College of Law, 660 S. Bonnie Brae St., LA. <facebook.com/events/145318335623609>.

Talk: Poet Laurel Ann Bogen
MESS interview. 4 PM. Free. Unurban, 3301 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica. (310) 315-0056. <pfsuzy@aol.com>. <laughtears.com>.

July 15 ● Monday

Community Meeting: PFLAG
South Bay Parents & Friends of Lesbian and Gays. 7 PM. Rolling Hills United Methodist Church, 26438 Crenshaw, Rolling Hills. (310) 831-2967.

July 16 ● Sunday

Books: The Good News Club
“The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children” by Katherine Stewart. Review by Larry A. Taylor. Humanist Association of LA West Side Discussion Group. 11 AM. Colorado Center Community Room, 2500 Broadway, Santa Monica. (310) 479-2236. <hala.org>.

July 17 ● Wednesday

Discussion: Meditations On Media
Gerry Fialka’s stimulating soiree stirs up discussion to reveal the hidden effects of what humans have invented. Third Wednesdays monthly. 7-10 PM. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006, (310) 306-7330. <venicewake.org/Events/current.html>, <laughtears.com>.

Discussion: Monthly Review
Magazine readers’ discussion group. Third Wednesdays monthly. 7:30 PM. Colorado Center Community Room, 2500 Broadway, Santa Monica. (310) 390-0306.

July 19 ● Friday

Films: LGBT Movie Night
Also, pick up publications, join in conversation with other attendees, suggest games to play, etc. 7 PM. South Bay LGBT Center, 6610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance. (310) 328-6550. <thecenter@southbaycenter.org>. <southbaycenter.org>.

July 20 ● Saturday

Films: The Lit Show
Annual celebration of song and literature starring LA’s Diva Deluxe Suzy Williams and Brad Kay, performing songs based on words by Hafitz, Kurt Vonnegut, Edna St. Vincent Millay,  J. D. Salinger, Samuel Beckett, Raymond Chandler, Truman Capote, Vladimir Nabokov, Rudyard Kipling and others.  $15. 7:30 PM. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice, (310) 822-3006. <beyondbaroque.org>.

July 21 ● Sunday

Political Action: March Against Police Brutality
A statewide unity action. On July 21, 2012 Anaheim police murdered Manuel Diaz while he was surrendering and following police orders. On the one year anniversary of his murder, scores of families of police brutality victims and supporters unite for a mass march in Anaheim. 1 PM. Anaheim City Hall, 200 S. Anaheim St., Anaheim. (Contact them to check the location.) (323) 810-3380. <answerla@answerla.org>. <answercoalition.org/la>,  <facebook.com/events/387201908055348>.

July 22 ● Monday

Political Action: Justice for Victims of Police
Justice for Jesús Arturo Aguirre. Prosecute bad cops; end wrongful convictions. Protest at Orange County DA, 401 W. Civic Center Dr. Floor 1, Santa Ana. (323) 646-1080. <facebook.com>, look for “Jesus A Aguirre” or “Colectivo Tonantzin.” <facebook.com/events/521751147892063>.

July 23 ● Tuesday

Discussion: The Nation
Magazine readers’ discussion group. Usually third Sundays monthly, call first. 2 PM. 4054 Coolidge Ave., Mar Vista, LA. (310) 391-1707.

July 24 ● Wednesday

Political Meeting: Healthcare For All CA
San Fernando Valley chapter meeting. Obamacare helps but doesn’t fix our broken health insurance system. Learn more about Improved Medicare for all Californians. (Leno). Usually fourth Wednesdays monthly. 7:30 PM. State Office Bldg., 6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 135 (enter on Calvert to the right of the locked gates), Van Nuys. (818) 766-7318. <info@hca-sfv.org>. <facebook.com/hcasfv>. (Sites on facebook may require membership.)

Talk: Activist Support Circle
Last Wednesdays monthly. 6:30 PM. Friends Meeting Hall, 1440 Harvard Street, Santa Monica. (310) -399-1000. <activistsupportcircle@earthlink.net>. <activistsupportcircle.org>.

July 25 ● Thursday

Films: Sin By Silence
Revealing the lives of extraordinary women who advocate for a future free of domestic violence. Men are highly encouraged to attend. With Filmmaker and domestic violence champion Brenda Clubine. Seating is limited. $10. 7 PM. Hart Ashram (RSVP for directions), Rancho Santa Margarita (South Orange County). <sarah4hope@gmail.com>. <sinbysilence.com>, <sarah4hope.org/SARAH4Hope/Sin_By_Silence.html>.

July 26 ● Friday

Volunteer Opportunity: Change-Links Mailing Party
Regular monthly mailing meeting for this newspaper. Call first. Noon – 2 PM. Peace Center, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City (*new location*). (818) 782-1412, (818) 681-7448. <change@pacbell.net>. <change-links.org>.

Classes: Pop Music in GLBT History
Spend an evening learning more about pop music’s role in GLBT history, enjoy vintage musical and video performances. Come prepared to share your own experiences with these GLBT superstars and a Q&A opportunity. Jul 26 features David Bowie; Aug 23 features Elton John; Sep 27 features George Michael. LGBT Educational Program. Refreshments included. Suggested donation $5; no one turned away. 7-10 PM. The Center, 16610 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance. (310) 328-6550. <thecenter@southbaycenter.org>. <southbaycenter.org>.

Films: Kordavision
Featuring world-renowned Cuban photographer, Alberto Diaz “Korda,” the man who captured the iconic image of Che Guevara  the most famous photograph of the 20th Century. Meet & greet filmmaker 8 PM; screening 9 PM; followed by conversation. $15 benefitting the Independent Peoples’ Movement for Social Change. The Downtown Independent, 251 S Main St, LA. (213) 617-1033. <downtownindependent.com>. Tickets: (800) 838-3006, <kordavision.brownpapertickets.com>.

July 28 ● Saturday

Films: Hippie Revolution Films
7 Dudley Cinema. 10 PM. Free. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006. <laughtears.com>.


August 6 

Public candlelight vigil. With speakers from PSR-LA and other groups concerned with nuclear weapons. 5-7 PM. Chain Reaction peace sculpture, Santa Monica Civic Center, 1800 block of Main St., just north of Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. (310) 399-1000. <jerrypeaceactivistrubin@earthlink.net>. <psr-la.org>. Save Chain Reaction websites:  <conradprojects.com>, <facebook.com/SaveChainReaction>.

Discussion: Joyce/McLuhan
Usually first Tuesdays monthly, call to confirm. Gerry Fialka’s regular reading club explores the ideas of James Joyce and Marshall McLuhan and how they apply to today’s media and technology. 6-8 PM. Lloyd Taber- Marina Del Rey Library, Marina Del Rey Library, 4533 Admiralty Way, MDR. (310) 306-7330. <venicewake.org>.

August 10

Celebration of the Life of Don White
On the fifth anniversary of his passing. With a special new film by Peter Dudar & Sally Marr titled COMPANERO- Don White In His Own Words. 6-9 PM. Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 3300 Wilshire Blvd., LA. <kpfk.org/kpfknews/164-newsaboutkpfk/570-in-memory-of-donwhite.html>.

Talk: MESS interview
Subject TBA. 4 PM. Free. Unurban, 3301 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica. (310) 315-0056. <pfsuzy@aol.com>. <laughtears.com>.

August 12

Film: Documental
Sean Gannon’s (in person) compelling personal documentary Something Blue.  Free. 6-10 PM. Unurban, 3301 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. (310) 315-0056, (310) 306-7330, (310) 450-6052. <pfsuzy@aol.com>. <laughtears.com/documental.html>.

August 21

Conference: Occupy Intl. Gathering
Aug 21-25. Kalamazoo, MI. (269) 929-5339, (616) 928-8483. <natgat2013@gmail.com>, <geetarchick327@yahoo.com>. <occupynationalgathering.net>, <interoccupy.net/blog/natgat2-press-release-june-6-2013>.

August 21

Discussion: Meditations On Media
Gerry Fialka’s stimulating soiree stirs up discussion to reveal the hidden effects of what humans have invented. Third Wednesdays monthly. 7-10 PM. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006, (310) 306-7330. <venicewake.org/Events/current.html>, <laughtears.com>.

August 22

Music: Jazz Funk Fest
7-10 PM. Free. Talking Stick, 1411 Lincoln Blvd., Venice. (310) 450-6052.<laughtears.com/jazzfunkfest.html>.

August 24

Community Event: Chicano Moratorium Commemoration
Ruben F. Salazar Park, 3864 Whittier Blvd., East LA. <facebook.com/events/476496679098815>.

August 25

Films: Avant Garde Advertising Films
7 Dudley Cinema. 10 PM. Free. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006. <laughtears.com>.



Please call all Ongoing events to confirm and let us know about any updates. Dates given are usually the starting date of the event. Costs listed are usually the lowest. Times are generally the daily times but events vary. Calling first is the best idea (especially as we’re just returning from ChangeLinks’ hiatus). Please let us know about any changes or errors in the Ongoing section.

Alternate Calendar sources:

So Cal Area:

LA County: Dick & Sharon’s LA Progressive. <laprogressive.com>, look under “events.” Orange County: Orange County Democracy for America (DFA): <dfa-oc.org/calendar>. Orange County Peace Coalition (separate calendar): <dfa-oc.org/wordpress/calendar-html>. San Diego County: Activist San Diego, <activistsandiego.org>, click on “Calendar;” Occupy San Diego Calendar, <copswiki.org/Common/OccupySanDiegoCalendar>. Santa Barbara County: Join listserve via <sbprogcoalition-subscribe@yahoogroups.com> or <groups.yahoo.com/group/sbprogcoalition>. (2013-07)

No Cal Area:

Sacramento: Sacramento Area Peace Action. <sacpeace.org>, click on calendar. San Jose: San Jose Peace & Justice Center: <sanjosepeace.org>, click on calendar. South SF Peninsula: Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, <peaceandjustice.org>, click on calendar. (2013-07)

Campus Activism
National calendar of interest to students and others. <campusactivism.org>, look under “events.” (2013-07)

Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 11: Downtown Art Walk
Second Thursdays monthly. Peak hours are something like 6-9 PM. Downtown LA. (213) 624-6212. <downtownartwalk.org>. The LA Art Walk may be at risk because of LA City imposed fees. (2011-11) Also Art Walks in Culver City (<culvercity.org>, search for art walk; they may not have an event in 2013), Long Beach (<artwalklb.com>, 2nd Sat Jul 13), Pasadena (<playhousedistrict.org>, click on calendar of events then ARTWalk; Sat Oct 12, 2013), Pomona (<pomonaartscolony.com>, 2nd Sat Jul 13), and Venice (<theveniceartwalk.org>; they may not have more 2013 events) on various dates during the year. (2013-07)

August 9

Art & Protest
Art & Protest: Resisting the Prison Industrial Complex. Teach-in & Poster Making Workshop. Youth & Family Empowerment Center, 338 E. Market St., Stockton. (209) 941-0701.

Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 6

Black Writers and Artists
International Black Writers & Artists is a network of authors, publishers, artists and community members meeting to listen and be heard. First Saturdays monthly, 2-4 PM, St. Elmo Village, 4830 St. Elmo Drive, LA (Jul 6). Third Saturdays monthly, 1-5 PM, San Rafael Branch Library, 1240 Nithsdale Road, Pasadena (Jul 20). (323) 964-3721. <randy44ross@sbcglobal.net>. <Ibwala.com> (website might not be current— contact them to check event info). (2013-07)

Classes: Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 2

Rising Star Toastmasters
Become a better speaker! First & third Tuesdays monthly. A professional, structured, international organization. Contact them to check time and location. Jul 2 & 16. 6 PM. Community Room, Burbank Police Station, 200 N. Third St., Burbank. (818) 846-8318. <damondray@yahoo.com>. <meetup.com/risingstartoastmaster>. More groups at <toastmasters.org>, click on “find a location near you.” (2013-06)

Nonfiction Writing Workshop
Creative non-fiction, memoir, and prose. Read your story to a group of supportive writers. Also other writing, media & performance workshops. Continuing every Tuesday. 8 PM. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006. <beyondbaroque@aol.com>. <beyondbaroque.org>. (2013-06)

July 3

Tenants Rights
The Coalition for Economic Survival, with 27 years in working for tenants rights and other issues. Two meetings weekly to help tenants. Every Wed. 7 PM & every Sat. 10 AM. Plummer Park, Community Center, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood. (213) 252-4411, (323) 656-4410. <contactces@earthlink.net>. <cesinaction.org>. (2013-07)

July 4

Many helpful people collect stuff not only for themselves but for others. It mounts up until they cant find what they need. If this is you, come to Clutterers Anonymous (CLA) based on AA’s 12-step program. Face-to-face & phone meetings. Continuing every Thursday. Also other locations and telephone meetings. Because first Thursday is Jul 4, contact them first. 10-11:30 AM. Café Tropical , 2900 Sunset Blvd. Silverlake. Meeting Information: (866) 402-6685. (310) 281-6064, (323) 281-2243. <clutterersanonymous.net>.

Acting Workshop for Vets
To train actors for performance & to help individuals heal, grow & learn via “drama therapy.” Donation, register online. Contact them for location and to see whether classes are in session. The Veterans Project. 7-10 PM. Continuing every Thursday. Because first Thursday is Jul 4, contact them first. Also community theater & interpersonal communication skills workshops. 3916 Sepulveda, LA. (310) 842-8794. <roy@theveteransproject.org>. <theveteransproject.org>. (2013-06)

July 6

African History
Black History 4 Young People class. Continuing Saturdays thru Aug 3. Contact them fordetails and check the website for upcoming class dates. (213) 368-4976. <word@drkwaku.com>. <drkwaku.com>. (2013-06)

Ecovillage Tours
History, context, accomplishments, pitfalls, transitions, plans and visions for this central city demonstration ecovillage neighborhood-in-process and its intentional community. Jul 6, 20; Aug 17. 10:30 AM – 1 PM. Check their website for other times & dates and unscheduled tours by appointment (min. 6 people). $10 sliding scale; $20 with vegetarian lunch (after 1 PM; or brown bag it). LA EcoVillage, 117 Bimini Place, LA. (213) 738-1254. <crsp@igc.org>. <laecovillage.org>. (2013-06)

July 7

Vegan Toastmasters
Improve your speaking ability in a fun & supportive learning environment. Help spread the message of health, compassion towards animals & environmental responsibility. Meeting dates may be updated on their facebook page. 3 PM. Usually first & third Sundays monthly (call first). West LA Animal Care Center Community Room, 11361 W. Pico Blvd., LA. <vegantoastmasters.org>, <facebook.com/vegantoastmasters>. (Sites on facebook may require membership.) (2013-06)

July 27

Fair Chance Project
A free legal clinic. Usually fourth Saturdays monthly. 1:30-3:30 PM (subject to change; contact them to verify date/time). Chuco’s Justice Center, 1137 E. Redondo Beach Blvd., Inglewood. (310) 677-7445. <gerifacts@sbcglobal.net>. <fairchanceproject.org>. (2013-06)

July 30

Sustainable Vocations
Sustainable Living, Leadership, Green Vocations and Permaculture Design Course for Young Changemakers (age 15-25). Jul 30 – Aug 18. Quail Springs Permaculture (SoCA mountains) and Santa Barbara (extended field trip and practicum). <info@quailsprings.org>. <sustainablevocations.org>.

Educational tours listed on their website. Cuba Education Tours of Vancouver, BC Canada. (877) 687-3817. <info@cubafriends.ca>. <cubafriends.ca>. (2013-07)

Make a movie! Fun & easy classes for the whole family. Echo Park Film Center, 1200 N. Alvarado St., LA. (213) 484-8846. <echoparkfilmcenter.org>.

Food Not Bombs
Invite FNB co-founder Keith McHenry to speak on your campus. Speaking fees are reasonable. Contact them for details and available dates. (575) 776-3880, (800) 884-1136. <menu@foodnotbombs.net>. <foodnotbombs.net>. (2013-06)

Labor Studies
Learn and develop Union leadership skills. Sponsored by Trade Tech Lab or Center. Classes at union locals and other locations. Ongoing. (213) 763-7129. <laborcenter@lattc.edu>. <college.lattc.edu/laborcenter>.

Organic Gardening
An organic gardening school. Classes and lectures for adults, special classes for children. In several LA regional locations. (888) 341-9666. <thewovengarden.com>.

SOA Watch
Speakers, actions, international delegations. (202) 234-3440. <nico@soaw.org>.

Union Organizing
UNITE HERE!, a union of hotel, casino, food service, laundry& textile workers, wants dedicated activists for a comprehensive program of leadership training and political education. (213) 481-8530. <thudson@unitehere.org>. <unitehere.org>, <hotelworkersrising.org>.

Urban Farming
Contact them for events. Dragonfly Hill Urban Farm, 345-½ Douglas St., LA. <home.earthlink.net/~theweproject>.

Witness for Peace
Delegations to Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela. <witnessforpeace.org>, click on “travel with us.”

Young Warriors
“For youth by youth” program guiding them into meeting the challenge of their own struggle, Everyone has something to offer to better our future! Contact them for time and place. Usually Mondays & Wednesdays. 6-8 PM. (818) 913-1968, (818) 939-3433. <youngwarriors_souls@yahoo.com>, <young.warriors.yw@gmail.com>. <tiachucha.org>, <facebook.com/YoungWarriors2007>.

Community Event/Service:
Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 7

RAC Food Program
Revolutionary Autonomous Communities Food Program, a mutual-aid project organizing & distributing food in its home neighborhoods. Volunteers needed. Usually every Sunday. 11:30 AM. MacArthur Park, Parkview between 7th & Wilshire. (2013-06: Cannot verify date/time/location; contact them for info.) <rac-la@lists.riseup.net>. <revolutionaryautonomouscommunities.blogspot.com>.

Vegan Happy Hour
Includes a potluck. Age 21+ only; pay for (optional) drinks. 5-9 PM potluck; social continues after. The Short Stop, 1455 Sunset Blvd. (two blocks E of Echo Park Blvd. at Sutherland, look for red neon “cocktails” sign), Echo Park. Join myspace to access their website & meeting schedule. <myspace.com/veganhappyhour>. (This website might no longer be active.) (2013-07)

Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 11

Conscientious Projector
Usually second Thursdays monthly. 7 PM. (310) 782-4738, (626) 792-4941. Armory Center for the Arts, 145 North Raymond Ave.,  Pasadena. <conscientiousprojector.wordpress.com>, <facebook.com/group.php?gid=53883487201>. (Sites on facebook may require membership.) (2013-06)

July 25

Coastal Convergence Society
A free video night last Thursdays monthly. Meet peace & justice neighbors for free food, video & discussion. You can bring your own video. Call for directions. 7 PM. Huntington Beach. (714) 964-2162. <ccshbca@aol.com>.

August 1

Whittier Area Peace & Justice Coalition
“The House I Live In” (war on drugs). Aug 1. Usually first Thursdays. No film in July. 7 to 9 PM. St. Matthias Episcopal Church, 7056 Washington Ave., Whittier. <whittierpeace.org>. (2013-07)


Alternative Radio
Weekly hour-long ongoing series. Featuring speakers like Medea Benjamin, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Chris Hedges & Howard Zinn. <alternativeradio.org>. (2013-07)

A very good progressive website with original articles and more. <alternet.org>. (2013-07)

One of the prominent progressive Website. With a collection of articles, original articles, videos and news. <commondreams.org>. (2013-07)

Hour media criticism program. Also on Free Speech TV. <fair.org>, click on “counterspin.” (2013-07)

Community Progressive Radio. <cprmetro.blogspot.com>. (2013-07)

Democracy Now!
Every weekday hour-long news program. Amy Goodman et al. <democracynow.org>. (2013-07)

Grit TV
With Laura Flanders. Also on Free Speech TV twice daily. <lauraflanders.firedoglake.com>. (2013-07)

l.a. activist
LA activism journal. <laactivist.com>. (2013-07)

Left Wing Radio Stations
<leftwingradiostations.com>. (2013-07)

Making Contact
Weekly half-hour documentary-style radio program. Globalization, civil liberties, prison issues, education, environmental justice, etc. <radioproject.org>. (2013-07)

Progressive AM Talk Radio
Randi Rhodes (<therandirhodesshow.com>), M-F, Noon – 3 PM, KTLK 1150AM. Mike Malloy (<mikemalloy.com>; also <tunein.com>: search for “malloy”) Thom Hartmann (<thomhartmann.com>), radio & TV. (2013-06)

Progressive Podcast
Long time activist and subscriber to Change Links, Jerold Block hosts a popular progressive Podcast. <rational@roadrunner.com>. <therationalradical.com>.

Progressive Radio
From Matt Rothschild of The Progressive magazine. <progressive.org/radioweekly>.

Raza Press & Media Association
“The only Mexican-Raza journalist organization consistently advancing and building revolutionary anti-imperialist media.” <razapressassociation.org/blog>.

Vegan Radio
“Go Vegan with Bob Linden.” Broadcast stations & show times on website (frequent changes). Also archives & podcasts. <bob@goveganradio.com>. <goveganradio.com>.

Tuesday: Voice of Palestine Radio
Vancouver Cooperative Radio since 1987. Programs now only posted on their website. <voiceofpalestine.ca>, click on “show downloads”. (2013-07)


Michael Slate
Fridays, 10-11 AM, KPFK 90.7 FM. <kpfk.org>. (2013-06)

Counter-recruitment groups which organize at schools may go on hiatus when classes are not in session. Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 6

Military Families Speak Out
MFSO Orange County Chapter Meeting. First Saturdays monthly. 10 AM. <socal.mfso.org/contact-us/>, <mfsooc.org>.(2013-06)

Counter Recruitment
Palisadians for Peace conducts High School campus visits weekly when schools are in session. Usually early morning (onsite about 7 AM). They also canvass other events and distribute information pamphlets in commercial & residential areas offering alternatives and factual information countering relentless military campus recruitment. Volunteers needed. (310) 573-1901. <ulisandra.paz@verizon.net>. (This email address may be bad. 2013-06.)

OC Recruitment Awareness Project
New volunteers urgently needed. If you can spare 90 minutes at 7 A.M. once a month during the new school year, please contact us immediately. (949) 492-0571. <bmartin125@comline.com>. <oc-rap.org>. (Blog has not been updated since 2013-12.) (2013-07)

Veterans for Peace
Monthly meetings at the LA Peace Center or the Arlington West Memorial, Santa Monica Beach. Contact them for time & location. Peace Center, 8124 W. Third St., LA. (323) 934-3451, (310) 398-0056, (310) 339-1770. <veteransforpeacela.org>. Other chapters: <veteransforpeace.org>, click on “Contact Us.” (2013-06)


Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 10

Suzy Williams
Suzy Williams & Her Solid Senders play live swing jazz and jump blues. Second Wednesdays monthly. (Jul 10, Aug 14.) 7-10 PM. Danny’s Deli, 23 Windward, Venice, free. More dates on the website. (310) 450-6052, (310) 306-7330. <pfsuzy@aol.com>. <laughtears.com>. (2013-06)

Mother Natures Army
Eco-freak rock, punk americana spreading truth. People & music have the power. Viva la revolución! Contact them for dates & locations. <mothernaturesarmy.com> or “Mother Natures Army” on Facebook. (Sites on facebook may require membership.) (2013-06)


Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed. Dates are usually the opening date or the earliest date in the month. Many plays run from Thu-Sun. Times are for the evening performances. Call for Sunday times. Listed costs are usually the lowest.

July 21

LA Café Plays
“Fastest Theater in Town.” Five short plays go from conception to execution in just 10-½ hours. Continuing third Sundays monthly. 7:30 & 9 PM. Ruskin Group Theatre, 3000 Airport Dr., Santa Monica Airport, Santa Monica. $15. (310) 397-3244. <ruskingrouptheatre.com>, <facebook.com/ruskingrouptheatre>. (Sites on facebook may require membership.) (2013-06)

August 23

Valley of the Heart
A sharecropping family & a family forced into an internmant camp. Preview Aug 23; opens Aug 31 thru Sep 22. El Teatro Campesino. Etc. Playhouse, San Juan Bautista. (831) 623-2444. <elteatrocampesino.com>.

Theatricum Botanicum
Summer Repertory Season. Shakespeare and the classics set in a rustic, outdoor setting. Jun 1 – Oct 25. Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, 1419 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga. (310) 455-3723. <theatricum.com> (2013-06)


Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 4

Sociedad de Escritores
Sociedad de Escritores y Poetas Latinoamericanos. Reuniones Todos los Jueves. (Thursdays.) Contact them to check info. Because first Thursday is Jul 4, contact them first. 7:30 PM. McDonald’s, 500 N. Central Ave., Glendale. (213) 230-4868. <bohemia2000@webtv.net>. <poesiasymas.com>. (2013-06)

July 18

Fightin Words
Open Mic to Stop Police Brutality. Hosted by Oct. 22 Coalition. Third Thursdays monthly. Call to be sure its happening. 8-11 PM. Chuco’s Justice Center, 1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood. (323) 235-4243 , (323) 446-7459. <youth4justice.org>. (2013-06)

Beyond Baroque
Long running arts and poetry venue with numerous events. 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. (310) 822-3006. <richard@beyondbaroque.org>. <beyondbaroque.org>. BB & other arts and non-profit venues such as LATW remain at risk due to fiscal austerity. Subsidy cuts would stop nonprofits from running cultural facilities. Even if a venue appears to be safe, this can change rapidly in response to economic & political mandates. Continuing updates on <artsforla.org>, search for “lease subsidy” and for “la cultural centers.” (2013-06)

Police Issues:

Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

July 8

Three Strikes
Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes (FACTS). Second & fourth Mondays monthly. Help them amend Three Strikes to apply to violent felonies only. 7 PM. Other chapters on the website. Chico’s Justice Center, 1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood. (213) 746-4844. <facts1.net>. (2013-06)

July 30

Police Victims Support
Have you or a family member been brutalized by the police? SPIRIT (Support & Partnership In Respect & In Trust). Regular meetings last Tuesdays monthly. 7-9 PM. Contact them to verify info. (This event is no longer on the venue’s public calendar.) Youth Justice Coalition/ Chuco s Justice Center, 253 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., LA. (323) 369-9662 or (323) 235-4243. <kruti222@yahoo.com>. (2013-06)

Political Action/Meetings:

Because of the July 4 holiday, check with the venue to see whether dates have been changed.

Vigils, Meetings & Demonstrations:
Check all locations, dates & times— these may change frequently especially during holidays. And dates may have changed since the last time we were able to check. Due to space constraints we cannot list all recurring vigils, meetings & demonstrations in our print edition. However, they are on our website at <change-links.org> under archives/web nly c

July 2

Occupy Fights Foreclosures
Tuesdays (Spanish only) 7-9 PM, Thursdays 7-9 PM, Sundays 2-6 PM. Denny’s behind Union Station (across Vignes), 530 Ramirez St., LA. (323) 696-0596. <o.f.f.homedefense@gmail.com>. <occupyfightsforeclosures.org>, <facebook.com/OccupyFightsForeclosures>.

Occupy Venice
General Assembly. Continuing every Tuesday & Thursday. 7 PM. 1354 Abbot Kinney (on the back patio), Venice. <facebook.com/occupyveniceca>, <twitter.com/occupyvenice>.

July 3

Monthly meeting of Democracy for America Orange County. June speaker: Brenna Norton, Food and Water Watch, on the dangers of fracking and the proposed Delta Tunnels Project. Speaker info: <foodandwaterwatch.org>. Normally First Wednesdays monthly. 7 PM. Karl Strauss Brewery, Metropointe Shopping Center, 901 South Coast Dr., Costa Mesa. <sckopicki@gmail.com> or contact form on website. <meetup.com/dfa-oc>.

July 4

GA Drone Demonstrations
Weekly demonstrations at General Atomics in Poway.  GA makes the Predator Drone. Contact them to verify details. San Diego Veterans For Peace. Thursdays. Because first Thursday is Jul 4, contact them first. 4–6 PM. Poway CA. (760) 207-9139. <dpatterson998@yahoo.com>.

Long Beach Greens
First Thursdays monthly. Because first Thursday is Jul 4, contact them first. A local group of activists working for a fair economy, a just society & a sustainable future. 7 PM. It’s a Grind Coffeehouse, 2162 E. Willow St. (east of Cherry), Long Beach. <longbeach@greens.org>. <cagreens.org/longbeach>.

San Gabriel Valley Peace Vigil
San Gabriel Neighbors for Peace and Justice. Thursdays. Because first Thursday is Jul 4, contact them first. 7-8:30 PM. Alhambra at Main & Garfield. (626) 281-8741.

ACLU Orange County
Normally first Thursdays monthly. Because first Thursday is Jul 4, contact them first. 7:30 PM. (714) 956-5037. Call for location. <quetzalcoatl38@aol.com>.

July 5

Costa Mesa Peace Vigil
Bring your kids & dogs and join an Orange County peace celebration. Continuing every Friday. 5-7 PM. South Coast Plaza entrance, Bristol & Anton, Costa Mesa. (714) 956-5037.

Glendale Peace Vigil
Vigil for peace & social justice. Continuing every Friday. 5-7 PM. Broadway & Brand Blvd., Glendale. (818) 242-4320. <glendalepeacevigil.org>.

[2012-07: corrections per Nancy Kent’s instructions; 2012-12: website possibly not updated since 2011-07 but it’s back online.]

Long Beach Peace Vigil
Wear your T-shirts and bring signs. Supported by MFSO. Continuing every Friday. 7-9 PM. Public Awareness Table in front of Washington Mutual Bank. Second St. & Nieto, Belmont Shore.

July 6

Military Families Speak Out
MFSO Chapter Meeting. First Saturdays monthly. 10 AM. Contact them for location, etc. (562) 833-8035. <mfsooc.org>.

Tongva Indians Vigil
Monthly demonstration to stop development/desecration of a Native American sacred site dating back about 9000 years BCE. First Saturdays monthly. 10 AM – 1 PM. Bolsa Chica Rd. & Warner Ave., Huntington Beach. (562) 743-8698. <facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001152962949>. (Sites on facebook may require membership.)

SF Valley Socialists
Meetings usually first Saturdays monthly. 3–5 PM. Room 268, Sierra Hall, west side of CSU Northridge. <ccrittenden@csun.edu>.

July 7

Arlington West Memorial
Volunteers desperately needed to keep the memorial going. Continuing every Sunday. Santa Monica. 6 AM – 4 PM. (323) 934-3451. <larry@arlingtonwestsantamonica.org>. <arlingtonwestsantamonica.org>.

OC Greens
Regular meeting. Normally first Sundays monthly. Contact them to verify whether this meeting is happening. 2-4 PM. Irvine Ranch Water District, 15600 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine. (949) 559-7336. <mrl@greens.org>. <ocgreens.org>.

July 8

Laguna Woods Peace Action
People for Peace ad hoc committee. Second Mondays monthly. 4:30-6 PM. El Toro and Paseo de Valencia, Laguna Woods. <margaretpearlma@yahoo.com>.

SF Valley Greens
Second Mondays monthly. 7 PM. Free. 8847 Penfield, Northridge. (818) 380-1252, (818) 515-8541.

July 11

Long Beach Peace Vigil
Long Beach Area Peace Network organizing to stop the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and to promote social justice in our community. Second Thursdays monthly. 7 PM. Catalyst Meeting Space, 430 E. First St., Long Beach. <naidatushnet62@verizon.net>.

Bikesanas del Valle
Self-sustained cyclist collective providing a not for profit service to the community by promoting cycle mechanics and awareness as well as social justice and autonomous living. Second & fourth Thursdays monthly. 7:30 PM. El Hormiguero, 12545 Terra Bella Street, Pacoima.

July 16

OC Code Pink Vigil
Third Tuesdays monthly. 5:30-7 PM. Plaza Square Park, Traffic Circle at Glassell & Chapman, Orange. (562) 833-8035. <mfso-oc@earthlink.net>. <mfsooc.org>.

July 17

LA Greens
Third Wednesdays monthly. 7 PM. Peace Center, 8124 W. Third St, LA. (323) 651-5539. <losangelesgreens.org>.

July 18

Peace & Freedom Party
Open to all Peace & Freedom Party registrants. Normally third Thursdays monthly. 7 PM. 2617 S. Hauser Blvd, L.A. (323) 960-5036. <pfplosangeles (at) peaceandfreedom.org>. <peaceandfreedom.org>.

July 20

Jericho Amnesty Movement
Jericho works for recognition that political prisoners exist inside the US (despite government denial) and to win amnesty & freedom for them. Normally third Saturdays monthly. Contact them for meeting info. (310) 495-0299. <jerichoamnestylosangeles@gmail.com>. <thejerichomovement.com>.

July 26

Center for Inquiry Dinners
Atheists, freethinkers, secular humanists, skeptics, nonbelievers, agnostics & inquiring minds welcome. Hosted by Rachel Sene and Jay Johnson. Fourth Fridays monthly (NEVER 5th Fridays). 6:30 PM dinner; 7:30 PM discussion followed by unstructured socializing. WLA Grill (formerly Dolores), 11407 Santa Monica Blvd., West LA. (310) 780-7363 or (310)-488-7431. (If you have a restricted number please dial *82 before our number if you want a callback.) <cfiwest.org>.

July 28

LA Atheists United
Fourth Sundays monthly (Jul 28), 11 AM – 3 PM, Center for Inquiry West, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 666-9797, <jimu@cfiwest.org>. Also: SFV Atheists, usually third Thursdays monthly (Jul 18), 6:30 PM, Kountry Folks Restaurant, 8501 Sepulveda Blvd., North Hills, (818) 988-2806 (after 5 PM), <atheistsunited.org>. Also: West Valley Secular Humanists, usually last Sundays monthly (Jul 28), Daphne’s Greek Café, 5780 Canoga Ave. Unit B, Woodland Hills, <meetup.com/secularhumanism-17>. Also other chapters. (866) GOD-LESS, (323) 666-4258. <atheistsunited.org>.

July 30

OC Peace Coalition
Non-partisan but supporting anyone who is working for Peace and Justice. Educating, organizing and changing US foreign policies promoting illegal invasions and occupations, as well as stopping US militarization. Last Tuesdays monthly. Spires Restaurant, 13030 Goldenwest Ave. (immediately south of the 22 freeway), Westminster. <ocpeace.org>.

July 31

Seniors for Peace Vigil
Senior Patriots Against the War invites you to join them in a demonstration for Peace. Signs and banners provided. Last Wednesdays monthly. 5-6:30 PM. World Globe at Leisure World, Seal Beach Blvd. at Golden Rain Rd. Between I-405 & Westminster. (562) 430-7509 or (562) 430-1047.

Coalition for World Peace
Keeping Congress aware of what the people voted for. Bring snacks. Next meeting date TBA. Contact them to verify date, location, etc. Korean Resource Center, LA. 900 S. Crenshaw Blvd., LA. <staff@coalitionforworldpeace.org>. <coalitionforworldpeace.org>. (2013-06: Their website appears to be out of date.)

Women Organizing for Justice
A leadership development program seeking to increase the participation of formerly incarcerated and other women in the struggle for social justice. Focusing on criminal justice reform. (323) 563-3575. <susan@anewwayoflife.org>, <info@anewwayoflife.org>. <anewwayoflife.org> (*no* “www” in the address), click on “leadership,’ then on “women organizing for justice.”

Youth Justice Coalition
Discussing how you can help spread youth justice & opportunity. Contact them for meeting info. Youth Justice Coalition @ Chuco’s Justice Center, 1137 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood. (323) 235-4243. <freelanow@yahoo.com>. <youth4justice.org>.


Seeking poetry about economic justice/injustice, greed, protest, activism, and opportunity. Formal and free-verse, mail art, and collage poetry. Submissions or queries: <submissions (at) occupypoetry.org>. <occupypoetry.org>. (2013-06)

Looking for first-hand accounts of writers’ experiences with the Occupy Wall Street protests. Submit a short statement that captures the movement from a personal perspective. Prose, poem, comic, story, vignette, anything goes. <occupywriters.submissions@gmail.com>. <occupywriters.com>. (2013-06)

Volunteer Opportunities:

Food Not Bombs
Food Not Bombs (FNB) shares free vegan food with the homeless and all others in need in protest against the effects of capitalism & military spending. All FNB collectives need volunteers. Global directories: <foodnotbombs.net> (click on “find your local chapter”). Group updates may be sent to: <menu@foodnotbombs.net> and the worldwide listserve (subscribe at: <lists.riseup.net/www/info/fnbnetwork>). Always verify that FNB serving listings are up to date (2013-06).

Occupy Foreclosures
Get connected with families willing to have Occupiers in their yards to fight foreclosure. <occupyfightsforeclosures.nationbuilder.com/volunteers>. (2013-07)

Sharing Food
Michael Hubman and others run “Right to Share Food” bringing food & water to the folks living on LA’s Skid Row. (714) 227-2217. <waterman@watercorps.net>. <righttosharefood.org>, <watercorps.net>. (These websites may not be up to date.) (2013-07)


Community Services:

Activist Security Training
The Ruckus Society created a security team to deal with internet and other security issues that activists face. Contact them for training. <megan@ruckus.org>.

Bartering Groups
Get goods and services without cash; trade without banks or a money system. Local community based finance groups are listed at <timebanks.org>. Click on Membership then Membership Directory in the drop-down menu. Use “los angeles” for a search phrase. (2013-06)

Car-Free Living
Auto-Free Orange County: <autofree.net>. Car-Free Santa Barbara: <byrdm@sbcapcd.org>. <santabarbaracarfree.org>. (If their website is not responsive, try it again later.) Also, a worldwide network of car-free resources: <worldcarfree.net>. And we’d like to know about local sites for other regions in SoCal. (2013-06)

The FBI has recently uploaded a significant number of files on COINTELPRO. This includes those on the New Left that– unlike the FBI’s (presumably forthcoming) Black Nationalism files– are ordered by geography rather than just chronology. <vault.fbi.gov/cointel-pro/new-left>. (received via H-NET) (2013-07)

Cynthia McKinney
Cynthia McKinney is seeking speaking engagements to promote the book she edited, “The Illegal War on Libya.” <businessmanager@claritypress.com>. <claritypress.com/McKinney.html>. (2013-06)

Debt Resisters
An operations manual: <scribd.com/doc/105887484>. (2013-07)

Farmers Markets
A map of Farmers Markets in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside Counties. <projects.latimes.com/farmers-markets>. (2013-06)

Freedom of Information Act. How to use the Act: <rcfp.org>, look for link under “FOIA Services.” Get a deceased persons file: <getgrandpasfbifile.com>.

Free Fruit
A free fruit treasure map of your neighborhood. Map locations you know about; visit places others have posted. This is potentially a *worldwide* resource. <ediblecities.org>. (2013-06)

Homeless & Hungry
“Peoples Guide.” How to get food, money, housing, health care & other help from government programs and community services if you live in LA County and need help in hard times. Online or order printed copies. Hunger Action LA (HALA). (213) 500-0947, (213) 251-0041 x 100. The 2012 version of the Guide is now online at <hungeractionla.org > and also archived by another group at <healthylausd.net/needFood/needFood.htm>, search for “peoples guide” or “la guia popular” for English and Spanish editions. (2013-06)

Homeless Resources
“Street Lawyer: A WIKI to End and Prevent Homelessness,” <wiki.nlchp.org>. Westside Live Food Calendar: <hopemakingchange.org>, click on “iEat.” Also see “Food Programs in West Hollywood,” <weho.org>, search for “food programs in west hollywood” then find the document in the list (document dated 2012-02). “Los Angeles Homeless Resource Wiki,” <lahomeless.org> (try clicking on the logo on the upper left to access content). And many other online local resources can be found by searching for “los angeles homeless resources” (change the locale if necessary). (2013-06)

Santa Monica/Venice Food Programs. Westside LIVE Food Calendar. <hopemakingchange.org>, click on iEat; current calendar is at bottom.

LA Intentional Community Networking
Many alternative housing options. <laecovillage.org/Intentionalcommunitynetworking.html>.

Market Match Program
Helping boost buying power for seniors and low income families at many SoCal farmers’ markets. CalFresh, WIC and SSI participants get $5-10 weekly to spend at the market. <hungeractionla.org>,  see “market match” at top of website.

Radical Guide to LA
From the 2011 Anarchist Bookfair. Places to eat, drink, visit, radical history, places to stay, links to radical organizations, etc. <laanarchist.org>, click on guide.(2013-06)

Recycle for Peace
We need: sculptures, jewelry, rugs, paintings, art books, toys and games, prints, silver, linens, special fabrics, pottery & dishes, small furniture, household items, etc. We provide Estate Disposal Assistance. Tax Deductible. To donate, to schedule a pick-up, or for a schedule of future sales: The Closet Liberal, benefitting Office of the Americas Peace and Justice struggle. (323) 295-2306.

Search & Seizure Law
Updated 2012-09. <or.fd.org>, click on the “Case Documents” tab & look for “Search and Seizure.”

Unemployed Resources
An online LA Indymedia article lists a number of resources for those who are struggling in our economy: <la.indymedia.org/news/2011/02/244433.php>. (You may choose to click through a “site warning”; if so, “buyer beware.”) (2013-06)

Urban Pigeons
A couple of compassionate animal volunteers are needed to join me help and preserve the lives of some flocks of street pigeons almost at the point of extinction in the area of Van Nuys. <angostura1819@aol.com>, <ocmbird@aol.com>, <pigeons_street@yahoo.com>. <losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/vol/3888288966.html>.

Women’s Non-Violence Centers
<justicewomen.com>, then “Help for Victims,” then “How To Start an Independent Advocacy Center to End Violence Against Women … and Why.” Also other info helping women help themselves.

Centros del Non-Violence de las Mujeres
<justicewomen.com>, entonces “Ayuda para Victemas,” entonces “Cómo iniciar un centro independiente de defensa para poner fin a la violencia contra las mujeres … y por qué.” El website también tiene otra información sobre cómo las mujeres pueden ayudarse.


Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in LA. <chirla.org>, click on “Internships and Employment.”

High Country News
Job Board. NGOs, green companies, etc. <hcn.org>, click on Classified Listings (at the bottom of their webpage) then on Employment.

Worldwide database of Nonprofit and Government Agency jobs. This looks like a very useful resource. <idealist.org>, click on “Jobs.” (2013-06)

International Rescue Committee. <rescue.org>, click on “How You Can Help/Work With Us” then on “Search Jobs and Apply.” International and US locations including LA & San Diego.

LA Alliance for a New Economy. <laane.org>, click on “About Us”/ “Jobs.”

Sustainable Living & Farming Jobs
And other “short term job opportunities.” <backdoorjobs.com>. (2013-06)

Military & Draft:

Anti-Draft Website
Dedicated to shattering the myths surrounding the selective service system and to help build a mass civil disobedience to stop the draft before it gets started. This site has not been recently updated but it still hosts useful information. <scott@draftresistance.org>. <draftresistance.org>. (Email address may be bad; site appears to be inactive since 2011-02. The information posted there may still be useful.)

Conscientious Objectors
Linking up with one of the following groups is the first step recommended for obtaining CO status: Center on Conscience & War (CCW) <centeronconscience.org>, Courage to Resist (CTR) <couragetoresist.org> or GI Rights Hotline <girightshotline.org>.

Counter Recruitment (CR)
National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY). Retains resources & pamphlets and a list of organizations involved in CR work on their website. Check out their “Alternatives to the Military” (its on the left side of the page) that lists job resources for those who feel that the military is their only option. <nnomy.org>. Resources for Educators to Stop the War: <educatorstostopthewar.org>, click on “Counter-Recruitment.” Project YANO (Youth and Non-military Opportunities), <projectyano.org>.

CR/Spanish/en Españiol
Web site en español contra el reclutamiento por el servicio militar. (Counter-Recruitment Website in Spanish.) El Proyecto YANO tiene el placer de invitarlos a visitar nuestra nueva página electrónica. <projectyano.org/espanol>.

GI Rights
Hotlines: (800) 394-9544 & (877) 447- 4487. Email them for sample info cards & stickers with a price list: <jimhabersf@yahoo.com>. <girightshotline.org>.

National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth (NNOMY). Retains resources & pamphlets and a list of organizations involved in CR work on their website. Check out their “Alternatives to the Military” (its listed on the left side of the main page) that lists job resources for those who feel that the military is their only option. <nnomy.org>.

OC Recruitment Awareness Project (OC RAP)
The Project is in urgent need of additional new volunteers to keep our important work going. (949) 492-0571. <bmartin125@comline.com>. <oc-rap.org>. (This website may be down. 2012-08.)

The Pentagon, in violation of the Privacy Act, has compiled and put into use a mega-database of private information on 30 million 16-25-year-olds. Even if you have opted your child out of the lists public schools turn over to local military recruiters, you or your child must also contact the Pentagon directly to get off this new national military recruiting list. More information on their website. Leave My Child Alone. <themmob.org/lmca>.

Progressive GI Newspaper
“GI Special” Occupation News Bulletin. Thomas Barton compiled this comprehensive compilation of news about our governments immoral war without end. Back issues only: archives from 2003-2008. <williambowles.info/gispecial>.

PTSD Resources
The Wounded Warrior Call-Center: (877) 487-6299, a hotline for injured, wounded or ill former and current Marines, Sailors & their family members. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255). SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education): <save.org>. Vets 4 Vets: (520) 319-5500, <vets4vets.us>, a peer support group for recent vets. National Veterans Foundation: (888) 777-4443, <nvf.org>. Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injuries (DCoE): <dcoe.health.mil>, <facebook.com/dcoepage>. Licensed mental health professionals who offer free psychological treatment to military service members who have served or who expect to serve in the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan: <thesoldiersproject.org>. We do not vouch for any of these being *progressive* resources. (Sites on facebook may require membership.)

Recruiter Abuse Hotline
(877) 688-6881. <afsc.org>, search for “Military Recruiter Abuse Hotline.”

Resisters Website

Underground War Resisters
House a soldier / resister on the way to Canada. The War Resisters Support Campaign has been inundated with requests considering emigration. (416) 598-1222, (647) 393-3096. <resisters@sympatico.ca>.

Police & Migrant Issues:

Checkpoint Response
To report a checkpoint from local news or your observation, or to receive text alerts, please email: / Para divulgar un punto de comprobación de noticias locales o de su observación, o recibir alarmas del texto, envíe por correo electrónico por favor: <noretenes@gmail.com>. Also see: <facebook.com/policeretencheckpoint>.

Useful for people who have been brutalized, harassed, or had family members murdered by the police. (877) 4-LA1992, (877) 8NO – COPS. Look on their website for a police activity and ICE raids mobile phone alert service. Report a Cop and Copwatch LA Radio online; also text alerts. Many other features. <copwatchla@riseup.net>. <copwatchla.org>, <copwatchlosangeles.blogspot.com>. Also RTF National Mobile Cop Watch Network; info: <raisethefist.com/copwatch>. [2012-12: sites may be inactive. If this continues, delete before 2013-03 issue.]

DREAMers Support Fund
Help eligible young migrants offset the fees in their requests for Deferred Action. publicinterestprojects.org>, search for “fund for dreamers”.

Jailhouse Lawyers Handbook
Provided by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG). <jailhouselaw.org>.

Police Brutality
CopWatch LA: see above. October 22 Coalition LA, <tiahstarr@hotmail.com> or NY Central office at <mediocremustard@optonline.net> and ask for a referral to Oct 22 LA. CAHRO (California Association of Human Relations Organizations), 320 West Temple St., #1184, Los Angeles, CA 90012, (213) 974-7601, <cahro.org>. LA County Human Relations Commission, (213) 737-7463. Idris Stelley Foundation (ISF, SF Bay area) 24 HR Bilingual Crisis line at (415) 595-8251 for referrals, <mysite.verizon.net/vzeo9ewi/idrissstelleyfoundation>, <myspace.com/isfoundation>. (Sites on myspace may require membership.)

Security Culture for Activists
A free e-book provided by the Ruckus Society. <ruckus.org/article.php?id=789l>.

Slavery & Trafficking
Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), 5042 Wilshire Blvd., #586, LA CA 90036. (213) 365-1906. <castla.org>. (2013-06)

Southern California Immigration Coalition
A coalition of over 30 organizations covering diverse sectors, such as labor, students, teachers, community-based organization working with immigrants rights, etc. denouncing ICE raids & demanding FULL legalization. (323) 602-3480. <immigrationcoalition.org>, <facebook.com/SCIC.Info>. (Sites on facebook may require membership.)

Undocumented Students
Student Rights: <maldef.org>, click on education, public policy then AB540. Scholarships: Association of Raza Educators (ARE) sponsors a continuing project (donations & applications, <razaeducators.org>, click on “scholarship donate.” <razaeducators@yahoo.com>).

Political Action:

Activist Letter Writing
A national cooperative letter-writing service. Use letters prepared by the collective or propose letters, volunteer to help write, edit, proofread or handle computer problems, etc. Free and voluntary participation, non-tax deductible donations accepted. <progressivesecretary.org>. (2013-06)

Urgent Action Network
Members call, fax, write or email others for emergency political actions. Office of the Americas, 8124 W. Third St., Ste. 202, Los Angeles, California 90048. (323) 852-9808. <ooa@igc.org>. <officeoftheamericas.org>.

Needing Support:

Unión del Barrio
On behalf of Unión del Barrio we would like to thank you for your continued support of the Centro Cultural Francisco Villa. As you may already know, the Centro Cultural has played a very important role in the struggle for social justice in our communities. The Centro Cultural Francisco Villa provides the South Central community with a space for organizational meetings, cultural events, film screenings, press conferences, youth organizing and has become a center that the community can go to when it needs support. <difusion@uniondelbarrio.org>. <uniondelbarrio.org>, click on Centro Cultural Francisco Villa.


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