The Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro held a march and rally from Little Tokyo to the Reagan State Building to serve Attorney General Kamala Harris with petition signatures to prevent the privatization of the Japanese/Japanese-American community’s elder care institution.  They held a speak-out urging the AG to stop the sale of Keiro until a public hearing can be held. The committee held a public hearing earlier in the month  at the Centenary United Methodist Church.

Keiro Senior HealthCare quietly negotiated the sale of all four of its properties to Pacifica Companies, a private real-estate firm. Pacifica is only guaranteeing one year at the current established fees for residents of Keiro, after which the fee may increase at whatever rate they decide. Additionally, Pacifica has committed to only a 5-year period as far as maintaining the facilities for elderly care, after which they reserve the right to do whatever is in their own best interest. Their express philosophy is to ìalways strive to achieve the greatest returns to the company while maintaining diversification and substantial liquidity, as well as minimizing risk to Pacificaís and our partnersí capital.î No other mission of community service.

Seniors in residence at the various Keiro facilities are now at risk of losing their home, a place they were assured would be safe for the remainder of their lives. Detailed information leading up to the sale hasn’t been readily available to the public, and meetings to discuss the future of the residents has been restricted to those who currently reside there. So local volunteers have established the Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro to protect the future well being of the elderly group.

The goals of the committee are to ensure the future of our Japanese-American citizens who are residents of this important facility: convince the AG to stop the sale; compel the Keiro Board to have a public forum where questions, issues, and concerns can be voiced and answered; and for Keiro to give full access to all records surrounding the sale to Pacifica Companies, which they are obligated to provide being a non-profit organization.

But the Ad Hoc Committee can’t save Keiro alone and implores your help. We need everyone to petition both Keiro and Kamala Harris to show the level of support and concern regarding this sale. But time is running short. The sale may close at any time so we must get the Attorney General to act NOW! As an individual, you may feel one voice is too little to be heard. But collectively, we can make a difference.

Ways You Can Contribute

1) Sign Our Petitions
You can do your part by signing electronically the two petitions on our website. This will generate 1) an email to the Attorney General; and 2) an email to Keiro demanding they provide documentation regarding this pending sale.

2) Petition the Attorney General via
The Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro has a petition on specifically requesting the Attorney General (AG) to Stop the Sale of Keiro until a public hearing be held. Note that we have no equivalent Keiro petition, so be sure to sign that one on this website.

3) Write and Send Your Own Letters
You can always opt to simply write to the Attorney General and/or the Keiro Board on your own rather than use one of our templates. Address your letters to the following:

Mr. Shawn Miyake
President and Chief Executive Officer
Keiro Senior Healthcare
325 South Boyle Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90033

Honorable Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General
State of California Department of Justice
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 11000
San Francisco, CA  94102-7004

The coalition  mailing address is:
Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro
c/o Dr. Takeshi Matsumoto
420 E. 3rd St., Suite 606
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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