Paul Frederick Kaskiewicz Biography/Obituary


Paul Frederick Kaskiewicz was born in Yorkshire, England on July 7, 1950. A stalwart of the progressive anti-war community, he died on January 19, 2022, at Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, California, at the age of 71. He is survived by his loving, devoted and beautiful wife, Lili Etezady Kaskiewicz, as well as three siblings.

After earning his graduate degree in classical physics, Paul’s career began with a stint in Princeton, New Jersey at GE, followed by a position in space exploration at Lockheed Martin.

He eventually moved to California to continue a brilliant aerospace career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. His career ran the gamut from inventor of a spacecraft shading device, Windsat free flier, using Advanced Tiros-N satellite and as a major member of the team implementing and deploying the Spitzer Infrared telescope, which was instrumental in revealing facts about the earth’s sun for years to come. This telescope paved the way for the recently launched James Webb Telescope.

Following his professional career, Paul continued to lead an active and meaningful life. He engaged in scientific research, badminton, hiking, classical music, computer graphics and reveling in nature. He won the hearts of friends in many communities, including the health-conscious Altadena community. He was one of the founders of Culture Club 101, an organic restaurant in Pasadena. He befriended John Hopkins the owner of Oh Happy Days, a nexus vegan grocery store in Altadena, and volunteered his time there for years.

Paul’s social circle was diverse, deeply touching many lives. His friend, Irena Varjabedian, describes how he touched her life:

“I had the great fortune to have known Paul for the past 15 plus years. Throughout that time, his compassion, wisdom, and love were expressed in his commitment and caring for the community and the environment. Paul was a selfless man who often dedicated his time to helping others through direct actions and inspiration. A man of science, Paul had retired from work with NASA at JPL. His practicality and wisdom ensured that he always shared insightful solutions to many issues. I personally will always be grateful for his sweet nature and the times he spent taking my mother to the park towards the end of her life. Also, he helped me numerous times with different tasks and problems. Paul had a very calm and thoughtful way of explaining and sharing. It’s not a very common trait to have. It’s a blessing.”

Without exception, Paul’s family and friends praised him for his intellect, his compassion, his kindness, generosity, brilliance, his tireless research and labor and for being an authentic and true progressive as well as a captivating communicator. Last, but not least, Paul impressed friends with his culinary skills: he prepared a mean sweet potato and hummus, which delighted his friends and family.

A memorial service will take place at a future time to be announced. There has been an outpouring of love and condolences for his dear wife, Lili and family, from Paul’s friends everywhere. Paul was valiant, has left a remarkable legacy, and will be sorely missed by all.


Poem to Paul:

Walking the Red Road

By Eleni Earth


You Awakened to Life..

Choose to Walk the Red Road..

Were Not Deluded by Superficial Wealth and Self Worth..

Red Road Proud of You..

Walk On, Brother Paul..


Obituary/biography is a collaborative effort by Angelina Carrasco, Eleni Earth, Rose Mary Elizondo, Leila Mansouri, Michael Novick, Alise Sochaczewski, Irena Valjabadian, Fernando VeIazquez and Harrison Weil

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