In memoriam:

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz, poet and long-time Change Links supporter, died 1:15 AM, March 7, 2017. Change Links acknowledges her long support, expresses our condolences and sympathy to her family, and thanks her surviving husband, Richard Mankiewicz, for his continuing generous support of Change Links.

Richard & Angela, 1972

In “Old Age, Alone: Another Love Poem” (from her collection, Wired and Other Poems, published in 2001), Angela celebrates their life together:

If I must live a long time
without you, I will grieve
but I will not mourn.


I will start the tale at August,
a hot afternoon, when your breath
questioned mine and our lust-
driven, love-drenched epic began.
I will dawdle over every frame,
mouth every syllable

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