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The Boricua Independentist Front (The Front) carried out a massive mobilization towards the United Nations on the 151 anniversary of El Grito de Lares. They marched invoking United Nations Resolution 1514 (XV) to finally begin the process of decolonization and independence for the oldest colony in the world, Puerto Rico.

The Front also marched for the immediate abolition of the Fiscal Control Board, for fair compensation after 121 years of US colonialism, for environmental protection, for the cancellation of illegal debt and for the end of the puppet local corrupt government and the U.S. federal government UU.

They also marched in observation and reflection of the second anniversary of Hurricane Maria. They marched for a better future for our children and we marched to honor our former political prisoners.

The Boricua Independentist Front is a coalition of Puerto Rican organizations and individuals united in their goal of building a mass movement for the independence of Puerto Rico throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Based in New York City, The Front has worked diligently for more than a year to raise awareness about the colonial state of Puerto Rico and its abominable results.

For 120 years, Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States and, according to Professor Ana M. López, spokesman for El Frente, “the UN Special Committee on Decolonization has passed 35 resolutions, demanding that the United States transfer all powers to Puerto Ricans so that they can exercise their self-determination and independence. International law clearly states that colonialism is a crime against humanity and must be eradicated immediately. ”

“This mobilization is a celebration of the 151 anniversary of El Grito de Lares, an independentist insurrection in 1868 against Spain, in favor of immediate independence for Puerto Rico, and to take advantage of the new meeting of the UN General Assembly. Inspired by the mass demonstrations in Puerto Rico, which culminated in the overthrow of corrupt Governor Ricardo Rosselló, the objective of El Frente is to take the colonial case of Puerto Rico to the United Nations General Assembly for review and immediately begin the process. of decolonization ”, concluded Professor López.

Eric Ramos, another spokesman for El Frente, said: “US colonialism has destroyed the economy of Puerto Rico. The recently imposed Fiscal Control Board only exists to pay the vultures on Wall Street, who created the economic crisis and not to help our island recover. The board is not interested in the recovery of Hurricane Maria Island, government corruption, school closures, university cuts, mediocre health services or the destruction of our natural resources. His vile purpose is to make our people pay for the broken dishes and not the big interests. ”

Former political prisoner Oscar López Rivera was the keynote speaker at the activity scheduled at Dag Hammarskjold Park Plaza on 47th Street and the first avenue in front of the United Nations. Also at the event and at the Press Conference, former political prisoners, Alicia and Lucy Rodríguez, Luis Rosa, Adolfo Matos, Edwin Cortés, Ricardo Jiménez and Norberto González Claudio were present.

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