Governmental Bureaucracy


By John Johnson


I got bogged down in it the last couple of months.  I accidental deposited funds for Change Links into a personal account.  In about a  week my Social Security was cut way down,  my food money, saying I had too much money in my bank account.  They are monitoring it I guess.


I fixed it at the bank but so far they haven’t fixed it on their end..


Someone from Social Security, a Social Worker of some sort spent a few hours at my place filling out forms and having me sign them.  Not sure what it all meant. Bureaucracy can be so much fun.


Nothing compare to Yemen, where the US fired missiles and drones at wedding parties of folks they think were rebels or Al Jacda.   Opps.


Across the globe, throughout states, like Montana, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida,  State Legislatures dominated by corporations  and are pushing through laws that limit the amount of welfare poor people get, cutting down the days and times for voting and just making it harder for the poor and working class to eat and vote.


Rebellions are breaking out against repressive and corporate dominated governments around the world.  The Ukraine, Western Russia, Thailand, Venezuela, .Central Africa and many other places including in various States across the US.   Can anyone say “class warfare”.


Governments and Corporations work at manipulating the hell out of us.  They want us to not to question but go along with the programs they have arranged for us.  Work 10 hours a day, buy stuff and watch TV.  Don’t bother our pretty little heads with whats really going on.  When the Sixties erupted all of a sudden tons of various drugs became available.  Don’t go to a meeting, don’t protest the Vietnam War, smoke dope and listen to music. Don’t organize but go to a concert. 


The hedonism of the Seventies was on purpose.  To redirect the political movements.  Porno became available.  We got the Manson gang, always known to the police.  We got the murders of civil rights activist, and the Black Panthers.


By the Eighties labor jobs were moved to cheap labor and repressive governments over seas.   Labor unions here became less viable.  Strike and your jobs are gone or moved to Mississippi or Texas, or Thailand,  who have a lot less of those pesky  unions and fair salaries.


Why I keep this newspaper going, to try, in our small way, to get some truth out.  Why you should be supporting us.





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