by Ray Jones
When you contact a government agency is the response, “How can I be of service?” or “Go away – don’t bother me”? Is there a pleasant greeting or nasty remarks and evasive excuses? Were they prompt or delayed? Did they seem arrogant, sarcastic or demanding? Do you always get an answering machine? Did they say it’s not their job, go somewhere else? Are you ignored? Did you get a promise that was never fulfilled? Were you teased or harried?  Is there a lot they don’t know? Were you falsely accused? Are the supervisors and directors worst of the staff? Is the office in motion, or inert? Are you disappointed?

Government services too often non-service. Employees just go to Uncle Sam to take care of them, get on payroll, and do or not do what they can get away with.

However a system is better than no system. We have to have something.

In a society of people causing injury, damage or loss (crime) is intolerable and must be prevented or stopped. Life, health and safety must be maintained and civil matters must be addressed. The consequences from neglecting to convey, apply and observe this puts our survival in jeopardy.

Although this is true, the origin of government is paradoxical and controversial. In prehistoric times, root savage force control the tribe or clan. Archaeologists uncovered evidence from ancient primitive settlements in Egypt, China, South America, Babylonia of codes of law (Code of Hammurabi) and crude texts showing the tribal chiefs, Saros, emperors created a system of government taking special exceptional privileges and immunities for themselves, their self interest and self benefit, by using misnomers and convoluted language. For them, killing his war, human sacrifice, and execution; for others, it’s homicide and murder. What is conquering territory for some is trespassing for others. Minting coins and currency is counterfeiting for others. Taxation is extortion for others (noted by Timothy Leary). Imprisonment is considered kidnapping for others. Having a harem is bigamy for others. Inadvertently and haphazardly, civilization was contrived.

Their claim of authority came from using magic, mysticism, supernatural ritual, charms, mythology, claiming to be God or communicating with God. Traces of this method of controlling and exploiting populations is dated circa 3000 BC. 1700 years later, Moses, who was adopted by an educated in the family of Faro Egypt, Exodus chapter 2, delivered his version of law and government to the Hebrew people (originally Babylonians).

With the emergence of the sciences of philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics the world is experiencing a transition into democratic systems based on fact instead of fiction. [Recently, it is now revealed that brain scans of leader in flocks, herds, packs of animals match with brain scans of the severely mentally ill.]

Politicians get away with an awful lot because people are baffled by legal jargon, these by religion, in the grip of allegiance to nationalistic patriotism, and looking for alma mater.

There is a solution. Welcome to the American Protest Movement.

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