Call to Action – Global May Day 2024 – #1World1Struggle

The ideology of continuous economic growth dictates everything.

Landlords, factory owners and investors – as part of the ruling class – ensure that their own power and wealth is protected at the expense of people of the working class and the environment. Some examples: Save Our Sperrins, labor struggles at garment factories worldwide and people struggling with impacts of climate change particularly in the global south.

At the same time so called green capitalism is still capitalism. Rural workers, small farmers and fishers (camponeses) in northeastern Brazil are being expropriated from their land and access to the sea by renewable energy projects, especially offshore wind farms. All this under the veneer of a sustainable energy transition that reproduces the colonizing logic of more than 500 years.

The crumbs they throw at us when their backs are against the wall due to organized counter-pressure, are given in order to silence and distract us from the real enemy: capitalism, an economic system which produces war on a regular scale. Currently, we can observe a huge increase in militarized conflicts world-wide.

Governments everywhere are boosting military spending at the expense of social security, i.e. the working class. Wars declared by nation states are an attack on the working class. After all it is people of the working class who are traumatized and killed in the fields for geo-strategic, imperialist and capitalist interests, not least in Gaza where a united front of trade unions is calling upon workers everywhere not to participate in the manufacture of arms for the Israeli Occupation Forces.

In fact, we condemn any production or transportation of weapons that serve to exterminate people in the service of capitalist interests, as in Myanmar. Police budgets too, are being expanded to bring the war to workers, homeless and landless people, while land and housing are commodified and stolen. For us there is no war but class war!

Our objective is the abolition of the wage system and of capitalism itself. We struggle for the construction of a world organized by and for our class, one that works in harmony with the earth.

We do not intend to simply disrupt; we seek to overcome.


May Day is a wonderful opportunity to connect our actions worldwide and practice solidarity. It should be a paid holiday all over the world! We are convinced that what is required now is the creation of organized workplace and community resistance and an increase in solidarity locally and globally to effectively achieve our goals both in the short and longer term.

A globally united struggle for a 30 hour work week with full salary for all can be a crucial step in the revolutionary economic and social transformation. Now is the time to actively build grassroots resistance in our unions, in the workplace, in our communities, on picket lines and on the streets, and on the front lines where workers are mobilizing.

All over the world, we revolutionaries, syndicalists, and workers should organize the struggle within respective unions in solidarity, using proven tactics like those of mutual aid, direct action and self-organization. We call for global working class solidarity and for those workers laboring on May Day to go on strike!

Currently workers at a sports equipment factory in Yangon Region (Myanmar) called Very Impressive Prospect (VIP) are struggling against union busting and miserable working conditions. They produce for brands such as Wilson Sporting Goods (USA), Bianchi (Italy) and BH Bikes (Spain). Let’s use May Day to also pressure these brands to resolve the conflict in the interest of the workers.

All supporting the call are asked to inform about planned activities and to share reports afterwards! This way comrades are informed about your activities on the international level.

Announcements and reports will also be published on this website. Use these hashtags for social media:

#globalmayday2024 #1world1struggle

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