Hundreds of members of trade unions, people’s movements, and left political parties from across the world attended. During the first two days of debate and discussion, panelists and participants discussed the pressing tasks of the left and progressive movements to organize the masses and confront the climate crisis, the rise of the right, imperialist attacks, and fortify internationalist solidarity.

Speakers also emphasized the relationship between progressive governments and political projects and mass movements, and the need for greater levels of coordination and support.

During the Gathering for a World Social Alternative which took place in Caracas on April 18, 19 and 20, the Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, raised her voice for the peoples, as well as about the dangers and threats besetting the world.

In this way, the Executive Vice President expressed that “the dangers and threats to humanity are currently very serious. Given the current context of the world, we are extremely concerned about the real threat facing humanity, which is capitalism; the climate situation is the product of a predatory model such as capitalism.”

Likewise, during her speech, Rodriguez showed some illustrations explaining that global CO2 emissions increased worldwide in 2023; “in fact, it was the warmest year on the planet.”

Rodriguez also explained that inequality is a huge problem in our continent, “that is why the answer must come from our region: Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Regarding Palestine, she added that “there are more than 30,000 dead, most of them children and women; it is a genocide, where artificial intelligence has also been employed for the extermination of a people. Social networks are being used to annihilate peoples and to spread despair in humanity.”

Delcy Rodríguez highlighted that 31% of the countries in the world are today subject to unilateral coercive measures, with the aim of extorting them. “They intend to rule Venezuela through licenses, that blackmail that outrages us but also makes us laugh a lot (…) no rude and barbaric empires can stop Venezuela!”

She closed with a call to the peoples: “The hope of humanity lies in all of us, it is in Cuba that has endured so much; in Palestinians, a people that continues to struggle on; and the Venezuelan people, despite the difficulties; this is the path, to understand that the huge threat of imperialism is either defeated or it defeats us.”

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