By Rob Macon, KPFK Local Station Board

 Ron Macon, KPFK LSB Fund-raising Committee

    If you read last month’s Change Links, you should have a clear understanding of the financial conditions KPFK and Pacifica are experiencing. For a number of years the KPFK LSB Fundraising Committee hardly met. Leaving the station to struggle with over-the-air fundraising. That is about to change. The fundraising committee, for the first time, has convened to discuss the financial crisis. The current condition is so serious, even the station’s general manager has chimed in. The fundraising committee has started a campaign titled “CHANGING DIRECTIONS” because the goal is to change the station’s directions to an upward bound to become solvent. The KPFK LSB Fundraising Committee has set a challenge to raising $3.5 million dollars in 4 months. That’s less than $1 million dollars each month. In addition, adding up to 200 new volunteers. Members and volunteers have already begun working on fundraising ideas as, “Peer-to-Peer” fundraising, “The Annual Fundraising Event” and suggestions of programs such as “KPFK Goes to School”, a program that invites Grade A students to come into the KPFK studios to discuss their academics while building up new and younger listeners and can also be a fundraising effort, by writing grants. To get involved with these and other fundraising ideas, go to or call Rob Macon at (310) 289-2385.

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