Fortified and Enriched Foods

In some cases, fortified or enriched foods are helpful. They can fill in the gaps and increase a particular vitamin and mineral consumption that would otherwise be less than the recommended value. But it’s also easy to get too much. These foods can contribute to nutrient overdoses. Be aware of how much of each nutrient you are eating. Don’t forget to include foods that don’t come with a nutrition label, like dark leafy greens. Keep an eye on serving sizes to make sure you’re not overdosing on added vitamins or minerals.

Most such foods are also heavily processed, and may contain unhealthful chemicals or too much sugar or salt. The typical diet is already full of nutrient-poor processed foods, added sugars, and refined grains. Avoid foods that contain added sugars, have trans fats, or are high in sodium.

You still need to eat a well-rounded, varied diet that is loaded with vegetables and other whole foods. You cannot rely on fortification or enrichment to get all of the nutrients you need.

Bella’s note: The best guide I can offer is that you must read the labels on the food items you purchase. Avoid all that read: Fortified and Enriched!

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